Dragging during automasking in zoom mode / part of mask zone not blue

In PL5, Dragging a picture during an automasking process (in zoom mode) doesn’t work ! If I click the wheel of my mouse, It displays the dragging hand but it doesn’t move anything.

Other strange behavior/bug, the attachment shows a masking zone in blue and on the shirt it does not display the blue mask !!

  1. No problem here to drag the enlarged pic (in zoom mode).

  2. About your attachment: Did you notice that when clicking on the symbol for the auto mask you can move the (auto)mask.
    If this happens inadvertently and you notice much later, you have a problem. – To avoid drama,
    I suggested somewhere to only ‘undock’ the mask’s position with a supplementary keystroke.

The areas that are auto-masked (covered in blue, not changed in the actual image) likes very much like a problem I posted very recently. In my case, I wiped plenty of sky, but parts of the sky remained unchanged.

The fix for my problem is “remember where middle of the brush goes”. Particularly when using really big brushes, two parts of the shown: the big, outermost “bristles” spread mask paint everywhere, based on (this is the magic part -->) where the inner, darker circle went. The core of the brush is what really matters in local adjustment auto-masking.

Again referring to my problem with the gap in masking all of the sky, I swept the core of the brush, same mask, not a new one, over the gap, and the gap filled in. As someone, responding to my post, said, auto-masking is actually not very clever.

In your situation, try, use the existing mask, running the core through the middle of the shirt’s untreated area.

This link will get you to the thread, trying to fix gaps in the sky, I mentioned above.

Change Auto-mask Local Adjustments

Hello @Deneice ,

Could I ask you to make a short video to observe your problem?

Thank you
Svetlana G.

Thanx Richard, I already cleaned it but I don’t understand why it does not display the blue mask even if I move it by error. It still responds as a mask as I cleaned it with the rubber mask…
Anyway !

Svetlana, I already answered you in by sending details in an another thread. Thank you !

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