Does PhotoLab 3 support 30 bit colour?

My monitor supports 100% sRGB colour gamut and 10 bits per channel colour, I’ll soon be upgrading my system to have a GPU which is capable of outputting 10 bits per channel colour, so my question is: does PhotoLab support 30 bit colour and if not then will the next version support it? Lightroom does support 30 bit colour and from watching demos, the extra 2 bits of colour depth per channel make a difference.

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Nope we don’t support it now. So let’s see if your request is supported by the users.

Svetlana G.

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It’s not yet mainstream, but it’s likely to grow as more 30-bit monitors are released.

Requirement for 30 bit colour handling is also likely to grow quickly since Nvidia gaming GPUs can now output 30 bit colour thanks to the Nvidia Studio drivers that were recently made available.
Also, lack of 30 bit colour support will mean that many professional photographers are less likely to use DXO PL for serious work when both Adobe PS and LR do provide 30 bit colour support.


30 BIT strongly sought for by me to. :hugs: DXO should not lag behind the competition on this. :roll_eyes: I thought it was supported when I bought DXO PL 3 ELITE… :grimacing:

Yeah I concur…sadly Colour Management is a long time weakpoint in DxO. There has been demand for improved colour accuracy and pro-level colour management. This goes along with 10 bit per channel display. My screens display 100% of AdobeRGB (and even a bit more), and I feel clipped when I want to make a serious image editing for Printing.
The rest of the features are top-notch, but having to switch to AdobeCameraRAW when I want to maximize the gamut usage of my printer is too bad.

So far, DPL is top notch when you want to stay in sRGB, Wich is enough for 70% of the users. But this is the incentive to use CaptureOne, or ACR/Photoshop.

It’s not that easy : because the colour space has never been modified from the start of DxO (or so I think). It’s very close to AdobeRGB.
Even before implementing ProphotoRGB, you are right , we should have a better way to make use of our high end gear to reproduce colours. 10 bits (or even more). in the Elite version !

PhotoLab is software positioned in the professional price range. As a professional photographer, it is important for me to have the best possible color management. I continue to look forward to a major improvement in color management. In this aspect, the 10-bit color is a good addition to the expected improvement in color management. In other words, improvements in color management will be a key point when I have to decide whether to upgrade to PhotoLab 4.

You have my vote!

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Does this mean that DPL only puts out 8 bits per channel to the dislay but works with > 8 bits per channel and prints and writes files with > 8 bits per channel?

I’d appreciate some insight here…

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Let me ask @Benoit to reply here.

Svetlana G.

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Hi. That’s correct. For now, the picture is converted into 8-bits per channel just before displaying, while it can be > 8 bits inside processing or at export…


Thanks, Benoit.

DXO being 8 bit, does it degrade any print compared to 10 bit?

DxO’s Benoit wrote: “…For now, the picture is converted into 8-bits per channel just before displaying, while it can be > 8 bits inside processing or at export.”

This means that

  • the display gets 8 bit per channel
  • everything else can get more than 8 bits per channel

In other words, you can not see the full extend of your editing work inside PL but you see it by viewing an exported file with a viewer that can display > 8bits per channel.
It’s like editing an AdobeRGB file on an sRGB monitor.
It does not make it’s easier :grimacing:

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I must admit it does make it a wast of time pl using the calibration of the monitor if all it can use is srgb. This does need changing very quickly.

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Nobody is asking. What is meant with “while it can be > 8 bits inside processing or at export…”. What is PL using for inside processing? If the working color space is AdobeRGB than it’s most likely 16 bits is used.


Yes, the working color space is AdobeRGB. There’s another petition in the forum for this to be expanded as well.

This is potentially useless if the display is srgb

Here: Add ProPhoto colour space as a "working color space"

Let me put it different. Does >8 mean 16?