Differences between WIN -MAC DPL4


just looking to a video by Photo Joseph https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjFW5RreSEY at 20:31 he show a possibility to set a reference image ( in this case a JPEG output) to compare the original file with the developed output file

Where’s these point in the windows version.
DxO PhotoLab 4.0.1 Win

More and more I don’t understand the mismatch between the Mac and Win version of DPL.

Every child could compare menu items between the different operating systems and create a list what is missing.


And yes…some things you find if you look at other places for example within the compare button, but it’s not an easy way during looking a video.

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You can do it with the compare button in the development module

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Hi Franky,
thanks a lot…I added this point the same time you wrote your response. But looking to the menue Items between WIN and Mac yo will find a lot of differences…and this must be fixed soon.

And also the order in every menue Item should be the same with the same wording

best regards


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I agree with that and I had already made the point and here is Svetlana’s answer:

It was designed long ago based on the platform peculiarity. But the good news - now we are trying to reduce the differences between platforms as much as possible and this point is one of them.

Svetlana G.


Dear @sgospodarenko,

do you have any idea about a timeline…it seems a looooong dicussed theme :zzz:

stay healthy :mask:

best regards


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You don’t need a timeline :wink:

…because this is one of my major concerns with PL, these inconsistencies that affect our users. I’m tracking them down, and every time I see an opportunity to solve even a small problem in this field, I’ll add them to an upcoming sprint for a quick fix.

It’s not mumbo-jumbo, this drives me crazy, and we’ll get rid of them (and not in 5 years!).



Dear Steven,

sounds like magic, a little bit of fairy tales and bumping a red shoe to the other :joy:

I made a reminder 1800 days in the future



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i just totally ignore those darn expensive mac’s and there highqualityscreens…what i don’t see i don’t know… what i don’t know can’t make me sad, angry, disappointed (geesh i hate that word:
my parents : “i am not angry at you, i am just DISAPPOINTED!” heard it too much :crazy_face: :joy:)
And i was like: “i did something stupid and i survived it in one piece , so i learned something right?”

we can make a quest out of it: Who find the most differences.


Win:Click the double box next to Compare

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The best cross-platform documentation simply says “Press Command or Control X” and everything else is platform agnostic, or at the very least obvious to the user of each platform (like the location of preferences/settings).


Dear @gregor,

I hope my english is not so bad :grinning:.
I spoke about differences between MAC and Win and it would be a charme if in both platforms the menu entrys would be identical e.g. Set reference image.
And the compare button shows difference between the original file and the file we have developed with DPL. But i meant the difference/comparison with an file that we have exported.
And this menu item don’t exist in the windows version

best regards


Dear @Guenterm,

@gregor is correct, you can compare with the outputs via Compare button:

You see the outputs in the list? They are available as soon as you process the image into different formats (except DNG).

And about the progress of making the app as similar as possible on both platforms - @StevenL already gave a reply.

Thank you
Svetlana G.

What I think @Guenterm is talking about is importing an already PL4 processed file back into PL4 to view at the same time he is processing the same file differently. He wants to compare two versions of the same file.

Am I correct Guenter?

Svetlana is this possible with Mac version of PL4?

Hi all,

sorry for creating a little bit of confusion. Everybody has a little bit of truth, and I know the compare button :grinning:.
Please take a look at the video by Photo Joseph and this is the function I miss in the windows version.
And I believe in Steven to unify it.

Thanks a lot

Exactly. Differences between platforms should only be due to the OS and/or technology limitations on one platform vs the other…


Steven, one more thing you might consider modifying is the appearance of the palette headings (Exposure Compensation, White Balance, Lens Sharpness, etc.) to be different in some way from the entries under it… for instance, like a different color, or a different shaded background, or a bigger bolder type size, and so forth.

Right now all the headings and everything under them all look the same and it can take a bit of effort to find the exact item you’re looking for when there are multiple palettes open. I think that a “friendly” interface makes it easy and quick to find what you want at a glance, instead of like now where sometimes you have to dig through a tangled monotone mess of spaghetti.

Tangled spaghetti or tagliatelle? :wink:
Yes, the improvements you suggest are something we are aware of and there are ways of improving the visual hierarchy between a correction’s name down to the latest option/slider inside a palette…

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  • Nope, the functionality itself is absolutely the same.

Svetlana G.

G’day Guenter

I watched the video and I didn’t see an exported file compared to a file being processed in PL4.

I asked @sgospodarenko above :arrow_up:
In the Mac version of PL4, can an exported PL4 processed file be imported back into PL4 and compared to the same file being processed differently in PL4?

Svetlana’s reply was no. Maybe submit a support ticket asking for clarification from @StevenL if you and he understand each other. :cowboy_hat_face:


at 20:15 he said “here’s the original, next to it you see the Jpeg”
But let us stop the discussion.
What I want to say with this example as you see in my first screenshot above.
Watching a tutorial I try to follow the teacher step by step, and if the teacher is on Mac but myslef is on windows and i cant find the same menu entries I have t o stop, repeat looking if anything is wrong or something else.

best regards

compare selection