Delete Confirmation

Please provide a way to turn off the stupid “Are you sure?” prompt when you want to delete a file. It is VERY annoying.

I’m glad you never make a mistake when selecting images to be deleted. I can only speak for myself but I like that feature. I think turning it off is a dangerous thing to do. However, if enough users feel that having that option is important to them I certainly would support it.



Mark, in six years of using DxO, no, I have not made such a mistake. Several times I have had second thoughts afterwards, but deleted images are in the Recycle Bin or in Trash, and can be restored.

It would be a great relief to me if I could turn this off. A check box should be adequate. When I am in multi-monitor mode, the little prompt window gets lost and I have to go searching for it.

You should create a feature request for this, and don’t forget to vote for it yourself.