DeepPRIME XD introduces purple overlay/chromatic aberration

Interesting. What kind of rendering times do you get per image and how many GPU cores does the machine have?

Thanks for your updates. To be clear, does that mean that both GPU & Apple’s Neural Engine do not create color casts with the version of Ventura you tested? Thx.

I did not see any casts…but whether that means that the ANE issue has been fixed, I dare not say. I suspect that it has not, judging from the similarly longish processing times it took to export the images with ANE or GPU. I also suppose that DxO would have reported the fixing of that irritating bug.

I just ran a test with Neural Engine on Ventura 13.2.1 (22D68) and PL 6.3.1 build 45 and Deep Prime still give a color cast.

There’s a slight change in the histogram and tint but perhaps not that massive color cast as we saw before.
Need to test with some other NEFs tomorrow.

Not all images exhibit the shifts. That is why I tested 60 very different images. Slight changes appeared when I white balanced output files, but again, it was much less pronounced than in the early posts above.

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I have tested with the image where I observed the failure the first time, no change with the config you described aboved.


5 months later, the problem persists (acknowledged in the 6.3.1 release notes).

I don’t mind, as using the GPU is not a big problem when it happens in the background. It does, however, seem to eat battery and memory (leading to swapping).

I feel like they must have changed something because I can’t repro it any more. M1 13.2.1, DXO 6.3.1. Before it was happening to almost every image so . . .

Spoke too soon. Just tried another photo and it happened. Wonder why it’s only certain images . . .

I think you were right… and it was in November last year! :hot_face: