Copy paste crop - bug



I copy a 5443x8068 crop from a computed tif file to the corresponding raw file. And the crop doesn’t match neither position, nor size (5379x8068).

The raw file has a perspective viewpoint correction aplied on it (inside photolab), so I suspect this is where the bug comes from.

Even a workaround would be helpful.

Hi @JoPoV ,

It’s not a bug, You’ll have to export two TIFF files to make this comparison. No edits are actually applied to the original RAW file, including your perspective correction.


I exported a second tif with crop pasted on the raw.
Indeed the size of the second exported tif is the same as the cropped one (and not the size of the pasted crop on the raw file), so far so good.
But the position is not the same. It is offsetted right and maybe a little bit down.
So I can’t get the same image.
I even checked that the crop on the first tif is inside the image (and not on the added part due to viewpoint correction) and this is ok it is in the pixel generated from raw - just in case the bug comes from this.

Any solution ?

If there is no solution this is not a major problem.
Now I know this and I will be able to anticipate it.

But if there is one, I’d like to know it.