Canon EOS R5 conversions are dark

PureRaw’s processing of RAW files from the EOS R5 seems to be a bit off. There’s a noticeable amount of darkening in the middle of the image and corner vignette is over brightened. If you compare an R5 DNG from PureRAW against the same image converted using Lightroom’s profiles, the latter looks noticeably different (and better). Looks like this profile needs some additional work.

Hello @tdominey ,

it’s probably a probem with the Optics module.
Can you provide us one or two RAW image (on so we can analyze it and have a fix ?


Hi Todd,
Was the issue ever resolved ? I edited a few yesterday and they looked terrible. Your description of the fault is spot on.

I edited a few images yesterday. They were very dark in the middle of the image. Has a solution been found ?
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