Bulk remove External Selections entries


Is there a quick way to remove all of these entries other than individually via the Delete button? I tried Ctrl, Shift and Alt select and they do not work.

(Svetlana G.) #2


No, it’s not possible to remove All the selections at a time.

Svetlana G.

(Melbourne, Australia) #3

Curious: What is an “External Selection” ?

John M

(Jim Scott) #4

Hi John!

The hits in the PL Manual for a search of “External Selection” appear in relationship to the “DxO One” camera. I did not see it in any other context.


External Selections is in PhotoLibrary, down the bottom on left side. Shows a history of what was imported and when. Actually I do not use or refer to it hence my query about deleting contents.

(Svetlana G.) #6

Exactly! This is the list of imports from third-party applications.

Svetlana G.

(Melbourne, Australia) #7

I’m still not aware of this - - They don’t appear anywhere in my PL installation.
Just to satisfy my curiosity, would you mind posting a screenshot (?)

John M


Hopefully you can open this.

(Melbourne, Australia) #9

Thank you - my curiosity is now satisfied.

I don’t see that on my installation … perhaps 'cos I don’t use LR, or any other non-DxO product (?)

In contrast, my side-panel is very “clean & simple” - - - and I can understand why you would like yours to be so too !

If you click on Folders (to expand that section of the panel) does that list of External Selections not get relegated to the bottom of the screen (Still not ideal - but not too noticeable either).

John M

(Svetlana G.) #10


It appears with the first third-party import :wink: until then it’s hidden.

Svetlana G.


I normally keep it closed - just opened it to show you!