Bugs with silver efex?

I installed the Nik Collection V4. Two problems with Silver Efex.

  1. Once I applied the filter, I can see a new layer was created in Photoshop V22 working pane, but the photo itself remains unchanged. I had to delete the new layer and run silver efex again. Now the effect is applied to the photo but there is no new layers showing in the pane.
  2. After I used the silver efex several times in the Photoshop, I am not able to start the silver efex as plug in. The program keeps telling me that the disk is full and it can not run the command. I cleaned all the temp files (I have more than 400GB free space on the disk), restart the Photoshop and Windows even uninstalled and reinstalled the Nik 4, nothing helps. The other programs work find, such as color and analog efex. Now I have to use Nik 3 again.

I have a similar problem to No. 2 - it only happens for some images - works fine for others - can’t see any pattern - definitely not a disk space issue. Have raised a ticket with DxO support, run their diagnostics software as requested and am waiting for a further response. Identical issue with Viveza affecting the same images.

I have the same problem.

I’ve the same issue with the nel version of Silver efex and Viveza 3.

Hi first post here
Same issue here but I’ve narrowed down the bug to bit size and file size
D810 16bit tiffs no problem
D850. 16bit tiffs problem. Covert to 8bit no problem
Leave D850 tiffs in 16bit reduce size to 99% no problem
As I only use 5:4 and 1:1 with my Nikon’s it’s not an issue for me
Just for fun I converted a raw to 16bit from a large Fuji camera and was no problem. Strange that it was ok but not the D850 files
This bug is not with the stand alone or Photolab only photoshop latest version
Hope this helps
My computer is powerful

Suggest you read my latest post in:

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