Black Friday Sale

Dxo is having their Black Friday sale today (here in the US, at least. I don’t know how long it will last) and I am a bit curious to see what an upgrade from PL4 to PL5 costs during the sale. Since I already upgraded I can not see the upgrade price, so can anyone tell me?

I wondered if I should upgrade before Black Friday but went ahead anyway.

Found at the bottom of

I have bought an upgrade from PL4 to PL5 today and it costs me 49.5 € :+1:


Considering that the current Euro-Dollar exchange rate is 1 Euro = $1.13 that means that the equivalent price is about $55-56 and I assume the Euro price also includes VAT so if is less expensive now than when I upgraded.

I guess I should have waited.

In the style of " who brakes later is faster longer".
Sounds bad in english after DeepL.
In german language we say " wer später bremst ist länger schnell"
:upside_down_face: :shushing_face:

And we have the pleasure of finding all the bugs in the update first!

Upgrade price in France ( for ELITE version ) :

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Interesting that there are no posts of the Black Friday upgrade price here in the US. I wonder if it is higher or lower than the new release upgrade price.

Upgrade price is shown when one logs into the shop account.

As far as I see it’s up to about another 50% lower.

When I log onto Dxo it shows me the price for a new purchase, not an upgrade. When I open the “Shop” link it shows me that I have already upgraded and it does not show me the price for doing an upgrade.

My question is whether the Black Friday upgrade price is more or less than the release sale price for an upgrade, and I can’t find the BF upgrade price on the Dxo webpage.

Arf !! I bought the update last Friday (in France)… and I paid 79,99 Euros for it !! A bit frustrating !..
Well, as said John7, I’ll have the pleasure to be amongst the first people to discover various bugs :joy: :joy:

DxO was sending out some coupons to late updaters a few weeks ago. I received one for €20 on top of the regular discount to update both FilmPack and PhotoLab at the same time. Keep your eye on your mailbox for special treats from DxO if upgrading early.

A bit complicated this update dance but few humans apparently like to do things the easy way (not DxO/businesses, not consumers).

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Thank you Alex for your advice… I"ll keep an eye on my mailbox, but up to now, I didnt get any coupon or discount…
Anyway, I got this morning an update for PL5 (now PL5.0.2 ) it is supposed to correct a few bugs. I have not tested yet

I agree with you : this “update dance” is a bit puzzling !

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