Are Panasonic DC-G9 High Resolution RAW Files Unsupported?

DxO has recently become my favorite RAW converter for Panasonic cameras. But unfortunately, it won’t correctly open the 80Mp RAW files taken in ‘High Resolution’ mode. All I see here** is a wavy sea of pink.

Is DxO aware of the issue and will support for these files be forthcoming?

**2010 MacPro 2.93 GHz 8 core
32 GB RAM - macOS 10.12.6

Hello @ScottinPollock,

we have noticed the issue and fix will be available soon.
But can you upload an image so we can check we didn’t miss anything ?

Best regards

Thanks @Marie… I’ll try and get one posted later today.

The new 2.0.1 version yesterday fixed it for me.

Here you go… sorry for the delay (you know… Thanksgiving and all).


thanks for the image. I hope Thanksgiving was fine :slight_smile:

On Windows that issue was fix with update 2.0.1 but on Mac you’ll have to wait 1 or 2 week to get the fix.

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