Apple ProRAW support?

Does DxO PureRAW support Apple ProRAW images from iPhone 13 Pro . . ?


As has been answered many times before, no.

ProRAW is not a true RAW file format, it is an Apple proprietary format that contains already processed image data, sometimes from more than one image, along with metadata.

Every RAW-format except DNG is “proprietary”. It’s a very bad excuse for not supporting ProRAW because nearly every other RAW-converter does so…


I agree, it’s a question that has been asked and answered many times before. But why is that, and why does the answer keep coming back as No?

As regards the format, this is from
"ProRAW uses the industry standard digital negative (DNG) file format, so you can open ProRAW files with apps that are compatible with DNG files. For the best experience, however, use apps that are compatible with ProRAW files . . "

It’s not as if ProRAW is a new thing or impossibly complex. Other major imaging software makers have recognised the rising demand from photographers using iPhones, and incorporated it - except DxO. Until this changes or the reasons for excluding it (which may be other than just technical) are known, photographers will continue to ask. And to weigh up their options.
That would be disappointing as DxO has some brilliant features and is excellent software in many respects, but if I was looking to invest in a new RAW processor today, and read that DxO was incompatible with images from the latest iPhones, I would not consider it.
This goes beyond the cost of the software. It takes considerable investment in time and effort to develop the skillset specific for any application to a point of business efficiency, so having invested that time and effort to become proficient in DxO one might be hesitant to ditch it and start over with another application – hence the question keeps cropping up. Perhaps DxO are banking on that hesitance, but it’s a time-limited strategy. When a large and increasing proportion of a photographer’s images cannot be processed in their chosen software, an alternative one-stop-shop application becomes an increasingly attractive option.


Because the reality is that DxO has not prioritized supporting Apple’s ProRAW format, so far.
You can’t change reality just by asking the same question over and over. :wink:

If you have a Mac, Raw Power is a cheap and a nice RAW development tool which supports Apple ProRAW.

Wow. I just purchased DxO PhotoLab a few days ago. I didn’t realize it didn’t support ProRAW until I tried opening some photos.

Between this and the lengthy lag time in fully supporting Apple Silicon without Rosetta, I’m beginning to thing I need to look elsewhere for an alternative with more reliable support.

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Please, please, pretty please add support for Apple ProRAW. Too many of my photos are taken with iPhone nowadays to be able to do away without support for ProRaw!

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OMG - I just bought an iphone 14 pro for the camera to supplement my A7Riv… I just assumed DxO would support Apple raw, as they have been generally good in the past. In fact that’s why I switched to Dxo. No??? OK, no upgrade then. and I guess I go back to Adobe. Sad.


DXO is primarily a raw converter and Apple Raw is NOT a raw format. Apple just calls it “Raw” but in reality it is a heavily processed file with a misleading name. IF you want to shoot raw then make sure that whatever you use is actually a raw file.

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What’s the problem? Past versions of DxO have supported JPGs from iPhones, and that’s most certainly not a RAW format.

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That is correct. But who would spend quite a chunk of money for DPL to work on jpgs while most of the useful tools within DPL can not be used with a jpg?

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I strongly think that Photolab should support all smartphones RAW (including apple ProRAW) for people who want to process all their pictures with the same software.

However for PureRaw & ProRaw i don’t really see the point.
If one day Photolab supports Apple ProRaw, DeepPrime would not be applicable because the image is already demosaiced and denoised, in camera.

Keeping all the ProRaw data in the resulting DNG may be difficult, as ProRaw for instance includes a “tone map” of highlights & shadows to be able to simply adjust the amount of “HDR look” in post-processing.

Capture One now supports ProRaw: link.

“Do you use your phone for shooting? With our latest release, you can now display and edit your Apple ProRAW images just as you see them on your phone.”

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