Annoying popup

Maybe related to the system? No idea …


Clarification for the historical.
The display time was decreased relative to precedent versions (Optics pro 10 if I remember correctly) to meet this same request.

In fact, DxO wishes to minimize configuration options.


In that case, why not “toggle” the popup appearing at all with the menu item? Yes, it will mean storing the current state but that is only one boolean value


I wonder why that is?

So photographers can get some work done and are not overwhelmed by the dashboard of a 747 when they sit down to do artistic/technical work. That said, there should be a simple key toggle to turn this feature on/off. Something like “i”. “i” is apparently already in use to “give information on tool in use in top right corner of image”.

That would make everyone happy :slight_smile:

Having just upgraded to PL3 I was really surprised by just how HUGE this panel is on a MBP.
To have the option of turning it off would be great.


All one has to do is move the cursor to the border of the image and the popup disappears.

That is not the answer. It is fiddly to have to do that, especially if you never wanted to see the popup in the first place.

My first interest is to sometimes be able to switch between pictures to compare, for example, different versions of the same image. Most of what is in the popup is already visible anyway :




This popover is around 75% superfluous, unless you expressly want it.

On my Mac, the I keyboard shortcut only ever does something when the popup is already showing, in which case, it hides the popup - if the popup is not already visible it does absolutely nothing.

The equivalent menu item also does nothing. If the popup is already showing, simply moving to the menu causes the popup to disappear (because the mouse is no longer over a thumbnail) and clicking on the menu item “Affichage | Afficher les informations sur les images” does absolutely nothing apart from provoking the “Prévisualisation des corrections” lozenge to temporarily appear in the edit window.

My suggestion is to connect the menu item to a stored state variable somewhere and to check if that variable is set to allow showing of the information on mouse over.

So :

Menu click “Affichage | Afficher les informations sur les images” or use the I keystroke
Result - popup shows on mouse over

Menu click “Affichage | Masquer les informations sur les images” or use the I keystroke
Result - popup doesn’t show on mouse over

Simples :nerd_face:


That might suit you but there are plenty of others who find problems with it.

What I am proposing is that the menu item to show/hide the information toggles whether the popup appears on mouse-over or not. Then you can set it to yes and others can set it to no. At the moment, that menu item does absolutely nothing


Here’s a screen shot of how it appears on my MBP when I inadvertently pass over the thumbnail image - OK, it’s only there for a few seconds but it’s far too big and distracting.
DxO pride themselves in creating a highly customisable workspace which you can tailor to the way you work.
Sadly, the one thing I don’t need I can’t turn off.
I agree with Joanna, a simply on/off would keep everyone happy …… hopefully?!
I think the existing menu item for hiding info relates to helpful tool hints so maybe an additional menu item is needed


re jerrysdean43:

Well, I must say to be somewhat surprised at this attitude. It does not bother you so it should bother nobody else? What is your problem with a choice on/off so that everyone is happy? Moreover as Joanna pointed out it is a useless popup with hardly any valuable info we don’t have already.


The popup also appears on hover over the file name.
Why not limit it to that as a compromise?

It seems that DxO is bent on forcing everyone to see the popup. In the latest “update” they have removed the possibility of avoiding the popup by hovering in the gray area above the picture, now even there you get the popup. Unbelievable!

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Yes, it has got worse.
Yesterday it was pouring with rain here so thought I’d spend the afternoon editing some images… after an hour I was so annoyed with the constant appearance of the ‘pop-up’ I gave up and did something else!

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For the love of god, this thread length is almost as annoying as the info pop up. PLEASE DXO team tell me you can turn this stupid function off in version 3.3. For those people that just upload their photos as is and do minor edits, that info window may help them learn about the exposure triad. For folks that have a heavier work flow, copy/pasting adjustments and such across multiple reference images, we don’t need a massive window overtaking half the screen that can’t be read in time in the first place.

Please tell me there’s finally an on/off switch for this. This is a show stopper for me and will head back over to Lightroom.

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Totally agree, there are now at least three threads currently running on this subject… surely they must have got the message by now.
It would be nice to have some input from someone on the Mac DxO team …


I can’t believe this issue isn’t solved by now. I was thinking of upgrading Nik (don’t use it often) to support DxO’s efforts on PhotoLab but this kind of neglect of small but important wins is disappointing. It’s really dulls our collective keenness to offer material support. Checking back in here after a couple of months I was hoping to see such important but small issues solved, not still unaddressed by DxO.

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StevenL from DxO answered in the other thread on this topic. According to his answer we might expect to see a solution soon. Fingers crossed.

At this point they should consider disabling the mouse-over info pop-up completely on Macs until they can implement an option for users to turn it off and on.


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