Annoying popup

Ça y est, on peut supprimer le pop-up dans la version (“Affichage” > “Masquer les informations de l’image”) :smiley: (Le texte devrait plutôt être “Masquer les informations DES IMAGES”, puisque ça fonctionne pour toutes, mais ne chipotons pas…)

Hourra, youpi, hosanna au plus haut des cieux !!!

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Yes, I confirm that the info popup can be switched off using the “View” menu.

The text changes between “Hide Image properties overlay” and “Show Image properties overlay” according to whether the popup is active or not.

If we’d have to nag at all, it would be about spelling in all of PhotoLab’s menu entries. Most apps treat menu entries as titles and therefore capitalize accordingly :nerd_face:

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Great news.

Great news indeed!

Awesome. Thanks for documenting this with a screenshot, Pascal. @DxOStaff.PhotoLab I’ll be upgrading my Nik Collection next time there’s a sale. The little things (easy fixes but show that you care) are important.

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Thanks platypus for this hint. Seems to be new since last update, or I just missed that.

Indeed, look here also The info popup

Fabulously great news.Thanks!