Add the ability to set black and white points

Hi DxO Team,

It would be great to add the ability to set black and white points. As far as I know, this useful feature was in previous versions of DxO.

The setting of black/white points can be implemented in different ways:

  1. Like in Lightroom - press-and-hold the Alt key and drag the Blacks slider to the left to expand the very darkest blacks
  2. Like in PhotoShop, Capture NX-D - pick the black point by the eyedropper tool.

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Tout à fait d’accord


Indeed this could be an interresting addition for raw editing.
I am used to this feature from my scanner software (where this is absolute must for scanning purpose).


You can simply do this by tone curve.

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You can simply do this by tone curve.

Yes, that’s true, but as the histogram and the tone curve are two separate palettes the amount of switching back and forth between the two of them for a simple RGB adjustment is infuriating. The deep issue here is that with all the curves visible in the Histogram window, it’s difficult to read any one colour accurately: when I switch in Tone Curve to green I just want to see the green histogram in the Histogram Palette.

In the absence of histogram overlays on the tone curve (would be very useful), a traditional levels window and levels controls would be a nice add. No need to enable or use that palette for those who don’t like levels (I agree tone curves are better as you can set white balance properly while improving tonal contrast, but with the current non-automated histogram preview, it’s unuseable).

Not sure if this is obvious: The histogram tool can be put anywhere on the palettes, and even multiple times. E. g. I have it directly above the Tone Curve tool (and below that is the HSL tool).

This is just to avoid the flipping back and forth and to have a more direct visual cue of where the right spots are on the tone curve tool.

I agree with all your points: A histogram like that as a background of the tone curve tool would be great. There is a feature request which was closed (“taken into consideration”) in December 18.

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I’m already set up like this Christian with Histogram and Tone Curve on the left hand Palette column (with the other adjustment palettes on the right). Doesn’t change having to switch RGB controls in both for each colour. It’s a very inefficient workflow. Ideally I’d see the Histogram for the RGB contol I’m working with directly under the tone curve. I do not want to see all the colours together under the Tone Curve. That would defeat the purpose.