About my first post

Last night I made a new post about features I thought were missing from Silver Efex (Contrast and Structure) I must have been having a 70 year old ‘senior’ moment :slight_smile: The panels weren’t expanded. While I have your attention, what has really changed over the years apart from the new perspective module … I already have DXO Viewpoint 2. Being a pensioner I have to spend money wisely, is it worth spending A$137 on what really seems no different to what I had? I guess, only I can answer that.

I responded to your other post before I saw this one, glad you got that sorted. There are new film presets in Color Efex 4 and also in Silver Efex 2 I believe. There is also a non-destructive workflow option within each module that I have found to be extremely useful on numerous occasions. Also a new selector mode that is usable within Photoshop. But as you mention, only you can decide if these improvements are valuable to you.