A big Thank You to the PL5 Dev Team for version 5.2.x

A big Thank You to the PL5 Dev Team for version 5.2.x.
Thank you so much for delivering support for all my Fuji cameras.
I really appreciate this and the results are so much better than I expected.

Thank you so much.


Good morning!

Thank you for the kind words :heart: We work for you and are glad to satisfy your needs.

Svetlana G.


Hey Jonathan,

I have been promoting a book and haven’t been keeping up with the fast-paced (I’m 70…c’mon) evolution of DxO Photolab. What is your workflow…I am shooting X-Pro2 Raw…


What version of PhotoLab are you using?


Photolab 5.1.1

It certainly is nice to read some positive feedback from a satisfied customer! :smiley:


PhotoLab 5.2 in conjunction with FilmPack 6.2 gives you access to 19 in-camera Fuji film types. Additionally, Fuji raw files which were shot with one of those in-camera film types will be displayed in PL 5.2 with that film type automatically applied if the Fuji option at the bottom of the General tab in preferences is selected.



Installed the 5.2 update, however, the software still won’t allow editing the Nikon Z9 files. Still shows “This image cannot be processed since it was taken with a camera that is not supported by the version of DxO PhotoLab.”
Optics module was downloaded as well.

I use both CaptureOne Pro and DXO PL v5.2 as well as Photoshop CS6 (I dont do subscriptions - Adobe are you listening?)
I process through to JPG sRGB for internet, or TIFF for final prints.

Thanks Mark…looks like it’s time to upgrade.

Hi David. I’m glad that you have decided to update and I think that you will enjoy it. I think that you were responding to @mwsilvers , there are a lot of “Marks” around here and it’s hard to keep us straight. :laughing: :smiley:

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Hey Mark,

In addition the general color schemes of our icons/avatars are similar. When looking at them small scale on my cell phone yours and mine look almost identical when scanning them quickly.


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Hi Mark, You are absolutely right about that. I hadn’t ever thought it before, but there is someone else(I forget who) that uses an avatar of a white building on a blue background that I often mistake for you. Maybe we should all use QR codes. :rofl: :smiley:

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@AdminCNP You can currently only edit the non high efficiency variants. My current workflow is using Fast Raw Viewer for culling an to start dng-converter for single files, which I want to edit. Normal compressed Z9 files feel too large :wink:


Before we congratulate them on the new release, we need to emphasize that the raw support for the OM-1 was missed. This is a big letdown. Capture one and PS have had the support even before the camera was released. Let’s get that support in! Should not be a big deal. Allocate a SW engineer a day and it will be done!

As pointed out in a separate thread that you recently participated in, support for the OM-1 will be available in June. Also, I would avoid making uneducated presumptions regarding the resources and time frame needed to provide that support. @Marie indicated in that thread that DxO was unable to acquire a camera to test and create a profile for the April release.