10-bit color support please

Has been talked about for years now (and yes, I’ve voted in other earlier threads)… Still no 10-bit /30-bit support in DXO-PL5?

As far as I know, images are still displayed up to 8 bits per channel in PhotoLab. The previous feature request, which has received many votes and is still open, is here:

Thnxs. That’s what I thought. And I voted in that thread.
Too bad though. Tomorrow I’ll get my Eizo CG2700S.

The integrated calibration device is a blessing. :slight_smile:

I hope so. Then I’ll only use my i1 Display Pro for my 27” iMac….sitting next to my new Eizo. First have to find the proper way to connect those 2 screens and then the best way to use them together.

Since last weekend 2 monitors…iMac 27" and 27" Eizo CG2700S. Both support 30bit color…but, wait…DXO PL isn’ t (!). Bummer!
iMac is gorgeous…Eizo is gorgeous (and yes, that integrated calibration device is fantastic Wolfgang!)…come on DXO…support 30 bit please!

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I don’ t want to whine or anything like that, and I could have posted a new thread on this subject (which I will, if this is not read by anyone at all :wink: just because I’ m curious ). Surely there must be more users in the same situation as me? I mean…10/30bit colour support computer and monitor (in my case even 2 monitors), and 8bits per channel in used software (DXO PL). If this is you…what do you do? Maybe extra software next to/in conjunction with PL? Maybe nothing at all? Maybe you just don’ t care?
Really interested in workflow.
Thank you!

I’ve voted both here and on the other thread. As I said on that other thread, heck, even a rank amateur like me has an aRGB capable monitor.

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You’ re right stuck. I also voted…wherever possible. Thnxs.