Wrong values when copying white balance settings (PL5.11)

I noticed a bug in PL5.11.
When I am copying the settings from one image and pasting them to another image, the white balance settings are not copied correctly.

E.g. I copy the settings from this image:

using this command

and pasting them to another image:

then I get completely wrong values (and you can also see that the colors in the image are incorrect:

I tested it for other cases. The described problem occurred, when I copy the image settings from on image to another image in a same “project”. Both images are shot with two different cameras.

I then tried to copy the setting to an image in another folder that was shot with the same camera. In that case, no white balance settings are copied at all! Other settings (e.g. exposure) are copied correctly.

If I copy the settings to a virtual copy of the same image, the white balance settings are copied correctly.

Does by any chance somebody has a download link to PL5.9 ? Since 5.10, I have noticed several bugs, 5.9 seemed to be the last stable version.

The latest version is PL 5.11.1 Build 4867.

Checked your described scenario

  • in PL 5.11.1_4867 (Project + Standard folder)
  • in PL 6.6.1 _ 199 (Standard folder)

In all cases the ‘original’ white balance settings was not copied over.
But when I changed the white balance (used the picker) it did.

I have a feeling, that is has to do with the age of the DOP file. I can copy settings without problems from files that have been imported after I installed PL 5.11. The problems only seem to exist with older files that have been imported before 5.11 (or possibly before).

Not to exclude a bug … but what about, when you copy the original setting “As shot”?

When you have set your cam to Auto WB, that value can / is different AND should stay different ! ?

When I copy the an “As shot” setting, it behaves correctly. When I modify the white balance (which then switches to “Manual or custom”), and then copy it, it also works correctly!

However, if I copy the white balance (“Manual or custom”) from an existing image, that has been edited in a previous version Photolab, then it does not work! It will copy completely random values to the new image. So I guess there is something wrong in either the database or the DOP files, that the newest version of PL cannot interact with previous versions anymore.