Wrong orientation in Viveza 3 and Silver Efex Pro 3


Did you get this warning?
My picture is shown in the correct orientation in Photo Mechanic and all DxO software using the steps I described. Using the above, the orientation is still wrong in Viv3 and SEP3 (the original problem).
What are you using to view the image?

Use -n on the end. See my former examples.
If you use the commandline Exiftool and PL the change in the file is send to PL immediatly. You can see the thumbnail changing.


Thanks @George, the -n at the end does remove the warning message.

I ran the following tests, deleting the dop files and PL database in between runs.

exiftool -orientation=6 _PAS7800.NEF -n

exiftool shows three tags:
Orientation : Rotate 90 CW
Orientation : Rotate 180
Orientation : Rotate 180

In Photo Mechanic, orientation is correct.
In PL4, orientation is correct.
In Viv3 and SEP3, orientation is wrong (original problem).

Then I ran the same test and included removing the Nikon Capture data. I think this is what you’re seeing.

exiftool -nikoncapture:all= _PAS7800.NEF
exiftool -orientation=6 _PAS7800.NEF -n

Orientation tags remain the same as before.

In Photo Mechanic, image is upside down (rotated 180°).
In PL4, orientation is correct.
In Viv3 and SEP3, orientation is correct.

I then ran the steps from my post yesterday and found they didn’t work! I was deleting the dop files but was not as diligent with the database. I think a “Rotate image selection by 90°right” came into play.

So if I delete the PL database (which I don’t use) and follow the steps from my post yesterday, PL4 will show the image in the wrong orientation. I’ll then “Rotate image selection by 90°right” in PL and the orientation will be correct there as well as Viv3 and SEP3. The orientation setting will be stored in the dop file. This does not impact how Photo Mechanic displays the image; it will stay in its corrected orientation there. I’ve tested this and it works.

Whew, thanks for hanging in there with me :slight_smile:


I think there’s something wrong with the file.

As you see two orientation tags are used. If you get the image up side down, then first the 90 CW is done and then again the 180.


Had a look at my Canon test files, I know that yours are Nikon’s, nevertheless, each of my files contains two orientation tags, but not in the EXIF section.

A “normal” portrait oriented image typically has these entries

[EXIF] Orientation : Rotate 270 CW
[MakerNotes] Camera Orientation : Rotate 270 CW

Images taken in portrait orientation but with the camera set to NOT rotate previews contain

[EXIF] Orientation : Rotate 90 CW
[MakerNotes] Camera Orientation : Horizontal (normal)


[EXIF] Orientation : Rotate 270 CW
[MakerNotes] Camera Orientation : Horizontal (normal)

Having two different tags in the same section looks strange…unless Capture NX writes additional tags.

I think there’s something wrong with the file.

Having two different tags in the same section looks strange…

Yes, I agree with you both. The metadata appears to have been corrupted. As @Joanna pointed out earlier

Somehow, something has managed to insert 4 tags with different orientations, which is likely to confuse the heck out of all sorts of software.

Just out of curiousity I’ve been playing with this.
The exif orientation is describing the camera orientation, the other orientations should describe the correction wanted on the image.
An orientation of 270 and 270 would mean 540 or 180. That’s not portrait.

This orientation should become a portrait up side down: 90 + 0.

And this one should give me a normal portrait: 270+0.

For some reason the jexiftoolgui gives me 2 orientation tags,90 and 180, but together they have the right value and shows right in PL5. Wrong in Irfanview.
Exiftool commandline itself gives me just 1 orientation tag.


Let’s look again:

  1. example (270/270) ← Image taken with grip up, camera set to automatically rotate preview.
  2. example (90/norm) ← Image taken with grip down, camera set to NOT rotate the preview
  3. example (270/norm) ← as in 2. but with the grip up

When I load these images into DPL, Image 1 is rotated correctly, while I have to rotate images 2 and 3 manually, if I want them to not lie on their sides. This should mean that DPL only uses one of the rotation flags and in the case of my Canon files, this tag seems to be in the MakerNores.

Exiftool does not necessarily display all tags. I use “exiftool -G -a -u filename.ext” to look at files.

  • -G lists the groups
  • -a extracts duplicate tags
  • -u extracts values of unknown tags (so at least I know they’re there)

Good advise to use -G -a -u. I finally got the missing tags.

Just checked on 4 images, the D200 of Brian, and a D80, and 2 D750 of mine. All are shot in portrait. The D750 hasn’t been in touch with Nikon software, only to add keywords. I should investigate that influence.

3 times orientation 90,180,180. Showed ok in PL5.

3 times orientation 270,0,0. Showed ok in PL5

1 time orientation. 270. Showed ok in PL5

An extra D750 in landscape.
4 times orientation!!! 0,0,0,0

In your example nr. 3 would be the right for a portrait.

All nef images, no jpg.