Why not allow standard 'rule of thirds' or 4 x 4 grid?

Say I want to have something perfectly aligned in the center. A simple 4x4 grid would help with that. The current grid system is messy. The alignment is off…


You can show the grid at any time - just press G.

To change the size of the grid squares, go to the Preferences dialog…

Different grids in the crop tool have been proposed, but not implemented yet.

Follow @Joanna’s advice and enter a high number to get center lines only.

I’m missing horizontal & vertical rulers, which also can be set to “percent” – and then work with cropped images.

I think the preferences changed. The highest you can select is 200. If you put in a number higher than that, the grid it shows is still the 200 one. And the grid is still not perfectly aligned in the center. I would say the grid system in Dxo as currently implemented is sub-optimal.