Why aren't the "Prime" denoising being applied?

I just installed DxO PhotoLab trial, so please excuse me if this is an obvious answer, but I can’t seem to get the PRIME type denoising to work. The little preview window changes when I activate the different modes, for example from High Quality DeepPRIME, but the image doesn’t change at all in the big preview window. I’m zoomed in all the way and I can see that none of the pixels are changing.

The effects of PRIME, DeepPRIME and DeepPRIME XD are only visible in the small preview window during editing, and in exported images. The only noise reduction type visible in the editing screen is HQ.


Like Mark says …

The reason for this is performance … Your experience with PhotoLab, if NR was being applied to the image review, would be VERY slow - as NR would need to be re-calculated for every correction that you applied to the image.

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Three things that DxO beginners need to know to appreciate noise reduction in DxO Elite:

  1. Already covered–you have to watch the small preview window, not the main image window, to see the effects of DeepPRIME and DeepPRIME XD and sharpening.

  2. In the upper right hand corner of the preview window is a crosshairs icon = magnifier tool. Click it and move your mouse cursor over the main image window. Where you click next there in the main image window is where the small-hashmark rectangular box will be positioned–it will change to solid, and you can drag it from there–to select what’s displayed in the preview image window. (I like to land on a small part of my main subject with the noisy background behind it.)

  3. Now with a really noisy image like us micro-four-thirds users often have with high ISOs, it’s often very useful to drag the Luminance slider above its default 40 well into 70s, 80s or beyond. If you go too far, sharpness will be adversely impacted. Sharpness can be increased below Denoising, under Unsharp Mask, by moving the Intensity slider to the right; but if you go too far there, you’ll reintroduce noise. It’s a balancing act. Now wait for the spinning arrows in the bottom right corner of the preview window to resolve, and watch the preview window to see how noise and sharpness change. Again to see the effects in the full image, you have to Export.

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