White Point

Coming from LR I am familiar with adjusting black and white points to avoid clipping. However in PhotoLab I can see no way of adjusting the white point - what am I missing? :slight_smile:

On the few occasions I need to, I use the curves tool to adjust the white point. Just drag the point at the top right corner of the curve to the left.

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I had not even thought of that, many thanks:-) Guess I find it strange not having access to a similar mechanism to that used in LR last al.

I often use the curves tool on both white and black points. It’s just a pity that adjustments are labeled on a scale from 0 to 255 although the x-axis usually covers 10-12 bits (in raw).

Yeah it seemed odd to me, too, not to have a white point adjustment, but I have since found that while I often adjust the black point, I rarely need to adjust the white point. Instead what I need to do is raise the curve in the highlights (around 225, where pure white is 255). Maybe the way DxO’s algorithms work they don’t see the need for a white point slider, and in my experience I haven’t often missed it.

The main reason I switched to DXO OPtics Pro is because of the great automatic settings of black,mid gray and white points. I had set these points manually from instructions I had read from within a paid course. When I compared my manual setting to DXO OPtics Pro I found DXO had made the same points. Thus I purchased Optics Pro immediately and have consistently upgraded with confidence and have not need to set these points manually since.

Copykatnj, which preset or setting do you use to automatically adjust black, midgrey and white points? And does it always give you the results you want?

I use the standard default. When I initially tested it it worked every time. That is the beginning of my workflow. I do all enhancements in CS6 off that standard since I am confident it correct for me.

Good if DxO Std. does its job well on your images. I find that it works well on unproblematic pictures but struggles on others. Smart Lighting creates halos around objects in the shadows, often blows highlights on images that are fine as seen in Raw Diggers histogram and usually gets night shots wrong.

I have been playing with ON1 Raw beside DxO PL and am getting better results easier with ON1. DxO does the best auto edits without doubt but in an awful lot of cases more editing is required and I am finding the ON1 method (which is not unlike Nik) better/easier. Maybe DxO has lost some ground for even LR’s auto is improved and again the LR workflow is much easier (for me).

I like the Photoshop Levels tool that provides white, mid-tone and black eyedroppers. When PL has problems with w/b points I open the file in Photoshop, use the levels tool, flatten the image and open it in PL.

I can set everything in PL, but need to set white point elsewhere. Pity.

Automatic settings do a decent job, sometimes it is sufficient, but often tweaks are needed. Highlights recovery is great, but will not be done by any automatic stick, but them you need to reset white point.

Is using the Curves tool to set the white point not a viable solution for you? Or is it just that you want the setting of white point to be more automatic? (I see that some are happy with the Curves approach, so am interested in knowing what might make it inadequate. Thanks.)