Where is DxO ONE app for Android?

(William Porter) #1

I purchased DxO ONE camera for Android from Amazon yesterday (13 December 2018). Camera arrived today but I cannot find the app. The quick start guide says to download app from Google Play store but apparently the app is not available there.

What’s up?

By the way, I have a Google Pixel 3 XL. It seems to be physically compatible with the DxO ONE (has USB-C, camera plugs in fine etc). Just no app.

(Jim) #2

Try this: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dxo-one/id981525548?mt=8

Sorry, Just realized this is for iOS.

(Rick - Bay Area) #3

There is no DxO App on Google Play. Contact support, maybe they are distributing it directly, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

While I support DxO and PL 1 and 2 (fully), the DxO One was not a huge success. You won’t get much better than the camera on your Pxl3 without going full size DLSR or mirrorless.

(William Porter) #4

Thanks, Rick. I did contact support, and Cécile got back to me with a download link. I have now installed it and go the camera working. I think it’s a tad odd that the camera is for sale at Amazon but the software necessary for the camera to work is not included in the box, available on the Play store, or available for download here.

I’m pretty familiar with the DxO One, having reviewed the iOS version for Macworld/PC World. (You can “Duck” it.) I still think my review was a good one and I liked the camera. Recently I switched to Android and so of course I was eager to get the One for Android. Now that I’ve got it, I’m going to have to do some quick testing and give the matter some thought.


(Jaco Byte) #5


I have contacted support after accidently deleting the android app.

Support are advising they cannot supply me a copy.

I have to say I am shocked. I can understand discontinuing the product but the usual convention is to at least make available the last version of the software.

Why won’t they do this or did I miss the refund option?


(Rick - Bay Area) #6

Deleting an app from your phone, does not delete it from your Play Store Acct.

Play Store > My Apps and Games > Library.

Every App you have installed on any Android Device you’ve owned and used with the same Gmail account lives there.

(Jaco Byte) #7


Yes expect the dxo one app. Everything else is there.

Very strange.


(Rick - Bay Area) #8

If it’s missing from your library, then it’s been pulled from the Play Store completely.

Apps usually stick around, even if they are no longer being developed, but the developer (DxO) in this case always has the option to pull it.

More than likely this was done because it might not run under PIE or has some other nuance that caused it to be removed.

Last option might be to try APK Mirror, then search for it.


I’m curious if the android version still actively being developed. It says the last update was from March 2019. Where as the iOS app hasn’t been updated in over a year.

(Rick - Bay Area) #10


Hardly matters. The hardware is done for and is no longer for sale. Earlier this year, the app wasn’t available for DL from the App Store or Google Play. It’s probably up as a courtesy.

If you buy a good phone, you don’t need a camera add on anyway.

(hary) #11

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