When will Nikon Z9 be supported?

Sadly it seems as if they have quietly shifted it into April. DxO Supported Cameras & Lenses now States 2022-04 for Z9 support.

lets see how soon, soon will be.

all those PureRaw2 Ads start to feel like taunts with respect to this being available in PR2 and not PL5…

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I do have to say it’s dam annoying that they released the Z9 support in PR2 first considering it’s essentially a add in to use other non DXO programs… PL is their flagship RAW processor you would think the encouragement should be there.

Further, how about access to PR2 for the people that own PL5… @Marie ?

I’m confused by your request. Are you asking DxO to give PhotoLab 5 users a free license for PureRaw 2?


I’m throwing it out there yes, aren’t the features in PR included in PL, so we essentially have it… but we don’t have priority is seems to me.

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As much as I like and use DXO for most everything post, I find it interesting that not one mention of Nikon NX. It’s free and does an excellent job, maybe best job, of working with NEF files.
Yea, hoping in a couple of days for DXO/NEF combo to be a hit!

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Using two or three RAW developers long term is anti-productive. One doesn’t develop real expertise in any of them. I recently experimented with Iridient Developer (which I did use as a primary RAW developer for three years) and Affinity Photo. I.e. these are programs with which I do have some familiarity. My PhotoLab 5 iPhone 11 Pro DNG turned out much better in PhotoLab 5. Part of it was the merit of the program, part of it is that I’m fairly expert in PhotoLab 5 at this point and can take good advantage of the colour profiles and of the local adjustments, even working quickly.

Moreover, Nikon NX is yet another iteration of SilkyPix which is really nothing special. It’s main merit are the custom Nikon colour profiles direct from Nikon.

Changing the Camera Model with MetaImage or ExifTool is far simpler than learning another RAW development tool.

How about instead DxO set itself a goal of providing new camera support much more quickly and build up some trust from both existing PhotoLab photographer-customers and potential PhotoLab customers?

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I’ve been using NX since I got the Z9… it does work the files ok but is very limited in what you can do with it I find.

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Kind of the same here, started sorting pictures with now a sorted pack of several hundreds waiting for retouch, Tried it for some with NX but was not at all happy with the results nor the workflow


It is really poor to provide Nikon Z9 support for Pure Raw but not simultaneously for the full Photolab product used by many long standing customers. I now have +4,000 raw files I cannot process with my main raw editor …

I have actually tried Capture One as a result and starting to get to grips with it and Nikon’s NX Studio is not usable for large numbers of photos.

The lack of information form DXO is also very disappointing - particularly for such a highly in demand camera … not looking good.


Maybe it will be more tweakable with more features in photolab.
Anyway, there is obviously a raison. I’m pretty sure they don’t delay this for fun.
I’m sure they are aware of what Z9 release means (for users, for Nikon; and so for photolab) …
Let them do their job as clean as possible.

We don’t wanna be one more time unpaid betatesters, isn’t it ?
Neither have problems which will never be solved (does this remember you something ?)

Each software I’ve seen released under user pressure had problems (and I’ve seen several in this case).


I think it’s the lack of information that causes these problems as clearly there had been a problem with 5.2 as it was due out mid month originally. It’s been pointed out elsewhere that the core problem of needing to add cameras to the program and thus locking new cameras to program updates which clearly doesn’t help. Why a data base of supported cameras isn’t used that the program looks at when opening an imige so just that has to be updated or added to is baffing.


I agree. Lack of information is frustrating as I do need to process my files. If it will be many more weeks I will invest more in Capture One processing.

Also, the Z9 support is clearly ready as it is in Pure Raw, so why wait for 5.2, just give us a 5.1.x to add the support …

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It’s almost April. Please any updates???

Also I don’t wait for the Z9, but I can’t understand the politic of DxO:
The PhotoLab-concept is in my eyes a very good one:
Buy one Software and expand the functionaltity it via add-ons like I did with Viewpoint and Filmpack.
But why support additional stand-alone products?
Each has to be tested.
My suggestion:

  1. PhotoLab without GUI is Pure-RAW
  2. PhotoLab with GUI is PhotoLab :wink:
  3. PhotoLab + Viewpoint (with additional GUI-elements from the stand-alone version), or ViewPoint without PhotoLab-functions is ViewPoint stand-alone
  4. PhotoLab + FilmPack (with additional GUI-elements from the stand-alone version), or FilmPack without PhotoLab-functions is FilmPack stand-alone

All I want is deep prime
I have Topaz Denoise and I think deep prime keeps more detail
Other than that don’t really use it for much.

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Next week. Wednesday.

How do you know it will be next week - Wednesday? Are you just hoping or have you got any intel? I bit the bullet yesterday and purchased Capture One as I have +4000 files from a Central America shoot to develop and I couldn’t wait … so now I’m getting to grips with CO Import functions … not entirely intuitive but once I’m over that hurdle the raw editor is pretty good.

If things go as planned it should be within the next week.


Well @Marie March has come and gone, may we please have the courtesy of an update?


Update to the last, I emailed customer support and all I got was a “the release date has been updated on the supported camera page” being as other have said 4/22… so still pretty open ended.