When exporting to Nik Collection tools, how can I get Photolab3 to reuse the same .tif?

When exporting to Nik Collection tools, how can I get Photolab to reuse the same .tif?

Right now I notice that each time I send an image to a Nik Collection tool, for example Viveza 2 or Dfine 2 etc, and save and come back to PL3, the changes are in a new _Nik.tif file. So if I go back and forth between various Nik tools I end up with myimage_Nik_Nik_Nik_Nik.tif file, and other .tif files with my previous changes in it.

Is there a way I can just keep reusing the same .tif file?

Short answer… nope.
Its been requested that Nik save .xmp and .dop readable by PL3

I’ll assume you’re following these steps;

  • You export to Nik tool via TIFF file … and PL creates an imagename_Nik.TIFF file

  • You work on the image in the Nik tool and save the result back to the imagename_Nik.TIFF file

  • Now you wish to work on the same image with another of the Nik tools …

You have two options (that will avoid additional export steps);
– 1. You could manually activate the Nik tool (run it directly), and use its Open File menu option
– 2. You could export to the Nik tool from PL (as usual) - BUT, use the option to Export files without processing … and PL will invoke the Nik tool and simply pass the existing TIFF file along to it.

… … DxO_Export
Regards, John M