What’s new in Nik 4?

Hi, I’m still using old (Google) version of Nik software. Upgrading to Nik 3 version was not interesting enough so I’ve waited. Now I’m thinking of buying Nik 4 but can’t find what’s new in v4 vs v3. Is it worth upgrading? It’s still $99….

Here is a link to the Release Notes: Nik Collection by DxO – Customer Support

Meanwhile, Nik has come a long way. I remember the time when I bought the package from ‘Nik Software’, and it cost me quite some money. At a certain moment in time, the program was bought by Google, but only for Snapseed, or some other Nik component that I have never seen or used, and the remainder was available for free. But it was no longer developed and was treated by Google to ‘bleed to death’.
I’m glad it was purchased by DxO, a company that could use it specifically for the ‘U-point technology’. It is further developed, a new module (Perspective Efex) has been added, and the program is compatible, not only with Photoshop, but also with recent upgrades of both Windows and MacOS, as well as with DxO’s flagship, DxO Photolab, but also with a PS competitor such as Affinity Photo. Obviously, all that comes at a price. :slight_smile:


Thank you! Very helpfull.

Thanks for your reply! Yes, you are right, it was better that DxO took over. But Nik 3 were almost only 25 presets, not big changes in my (and many others) view. So paying full price for just minor updates is a bit much. Now I’ve seen more updates to v 4 and it seems to me it is time to purchase the new version but when it is stable.

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