What is the Difference between Nik and DXO PhotoLab 4

Can anybody tell me what the difference between DXO PhotLab and Nik is? As I understand PhotoLab has the U-point Technology which is what I’m most interested in. I used to use Nik and it was because of U-Point Technology. We have that in DXO PhotoLab 4 do we not? What am I missing? Why is Nik even an option if all its features were incorporated into PhotoLab 4?

While PL4 is a raw converter with ‘some’ features, the Nik Collection handles jpep and tiff-files only, but is a totally different ‘beast’. If you are interested, get a recent trial version and see for yourself (make sure you still have your ‘old’ installation, if you want to use that again).

Do both have the same U-Point tool?

that’s what you already wrote – yes

Thanks, Wolfgang. You’ve been a wealth of info. Based on what you’ve shared I think I’ll just stick with the DXO PhotoLab since as you pointed out, “that’s what you already wrote – yes” they both have U-Point. I’m eternally indebted to you for such knowledge. Have a grat day.

They are two entirely different pieces of software that exist for different purposes and complement each other. It is not an either/or situation. While I can’t speak to your needs or preferences, I have both and use both extensively.


Yes, they all have U-point technology – an no, not all features are incorporated …

Very few of the Nik Collections defining features are in PhotoLab. The Nik Collection is not a raw processor. It is a collection of separate modules with each module addressing different aspects of photography. The majority of the modules contain a significant number of best in class modifiable presets. For example,Silver Efex Pro has been an almost universal standard for B&W shooters for years. The Nik Collection can also be used by owners of other raw processing software. It is not only used in conjunction with PhotoLab, but with Lightroom, PhotoShop and other software as well. U-point technology is an important feature in both the Nik Collection and PhotoLab, but to suggest that the Nik Collection is redundant because of that is incorrect…



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If I understand you correctly, you used to use Nik because of the U-Point technology, right?
By that do you mean “Back then I preferred Nik over some competitor’s products because editing my images was much faster/better thanks to the U-Points technology?”

Feel free to further detail how do you edit your photos and/or what your needs are in terms of image editing…PL and Nik are two completely different products, but they can work in tandem (and share many technologies, like U-Point)…


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