What feature is the most useful in your workflow?

(DxO Staff PhotoLab) #1

Dear users and photographers :slight_smile:

We need your feedback!
We’d like to know what feature you think is the most useful in your current photo editing workflow.

  • Extended Hue Saturation Luminance (HSL) controls : 8 channels, possibility to define the color range, set selected color uniformity
  • Local adjustments layers properties : display/hide selected layer and its settings, set its opacity, invert current mask

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Vote now! :slight_smile:

Best regards,
The DxO Team

Requested votes
How on earth do you vote on the DXO feedback?
Requested votes
(Mark) #6

I voted for the color updates, but being able to invert the current local adjustment mask would be a very useful feature.


(Christian) #7

Just today I read an article about a big software vendor not paying attention to their user feedback channel. This post gives me hope that DxO does better.

Good idea to ask for either/or: choices must be taken.

(Jim) #8

The ability to place each adjustment on a different layer makes re-edit so much easier.

(Jim Scott) #9

It would be HUGE! With this feature it would be relatively easy to blur~darken~lighten~“whatever” the background in comparison to the foreground subject (selected with a mask then inverted to affect the background).


And a copy tool;-)

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(Mark) #11

I may want to consider changing my vote if that is possible.




If you choose “Hide results”, the two options are displayed and you can then vote for the alternate feature. I am having second thoughts about my vote as well.


(Mark) #13

Thanks. Just changed my vote and its now 50/50. The problem is that I really want both.


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Would be great to have both, not choosing between them.

(Jim Scott) #15

Indeed - both are excellent improvements! I went with the “local adjustments” because I feel it provides the best (most useful) feature enhancement closer to the original vision of PhotoLab (v1).


I need fast and effective color control. That slows me the most in PhotoLab. I’m not convinced that a sophisticated tool like HSL will make my job easier. On the other hand, with the current realization of the local settings, the layers would only be a catalog function. For these reasons, now I export to Capture NX2 and finish processing the more sophisticated photos and photos for printing.

For the moment, i will abstain from voting …

(Melbourne, Australia) #17

Yes, I’ve decided to abstain too … Not possible (for me) to choose between them.

John M

(Mark) #18

I know. It’s a tough decision. But to not vote leaves that decision to someone else, and a majority vote for one or the other doesn’t necessarily mean that will go in first. DXO is trying to get a sense of a preference by it’s current user base for what are fairly vague specifications. Other factors will also be taken into account by them before anything is actually implemented.



Why wouldn’t they offer 3 options with the third one being “both”?
That’s the one I would had choose.

(Mark) #20

This is not just about what we would like. This is about helping them with tough choices.

They have limited resources. if they could do both together they would probably implement them without asking us first. Both of these feature enhancements are probably high on their list, and it’s likely just a question of which one gets the higher priority, thus the request for feedback. The one that comes in second might not be implemented for quite some time. Perhaps even a year, or more.

To indicate we want both does not help DXO make that decision, and would lead them to making the choice completely on their own.


(Svetlana G.) #21

Dear @mikerofoto,

They will be both but in different order :wink: So we need to know which one to implement first.

Svetlana G.

(Svetlana G.) #22

Thank you, Mark!

Svetlana G.

(Mark) #23

As a retired financial services software development manager at Capgemini (in the US, not Paris) I see things from a different perspective than most end users.



Nice, would had been easier to just ask which one should come first =)

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