What am I doing wrong?

(Derek Vallintine) #1

I used the control points to darken the sky in the attached image and I ended up with 3 blotches. Can some one tell me what I did wrong?

(Pascal) #2

They’re too small !
The circles can overlap.

A advice !?
If the goal is to obscure the sky, Graduated filter is a better tool :wink:


(Jim) #3

I agree the graduated filter is the best for skies, but, if you press M after applying multiple points, the mask can be seen and the circles adjusted to merge the masked areas.

(Derek Vallintine) #4

I’ve lost the radial menu… where is it? Once I find it I will try the graduated filter on my pink sky.

(Jim Scott) #5

• In the upper menu~tool bar select the blue “Local adjustments” button.
• In the image, control-click where You wish to place the radial menu.

(Derek Vallintine) #6

Thanks Jim, found it and my pink sky is darker and looks good. I will re-read the manual and watch the videos again and keep plodding along.

(Pascal) #7

It seems to me there is also a tutorial :sunglasses:


(Jim) #8

Here’s a link to all the PL tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=dxo+photolab+tutorials