Welcome to Nik Collection 2 by DxO


Hello everyone,

We hope you are well.

All teams of DxO are pleased to present the new Nik Collection 2

The Nik Collection 2 includes 40 new effects created by Dan Hughes, a professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology and a former Nik webinar instructor.

With Nik Collection 2, you can apply local settings directly to your high-quality RAW files before converting them into JPEGs.

All Nik Collection 2 plugins are now compatible with HD monitors. The main windows have been recalibrated, and images are now displayed in full native resolution.

With exclusive Nik Collection 2 technology, you can apply advanced corrections to fix a lack of sharpness, vignetting, chromatic aberrations, and distortion.

Learn more about it by following the link below:

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As an Elite user and someone who has tried the beta version this is a disappointing offer.

Very little improvement over the Nik v1 and a price of £90 that simply doesn’t justify upgrading any time soon. I will be sticking with Elite + the old free Nik plugins.

However, it is certainly not a bad deal if you don’t own DxO + Nik and I would recommend it to anyone at that price (I do in my photography club) but nothing here for Elite users at present.


The marketing team must be especially pleased given how purposely misleading this is. Half of this (raw/corrections) is existing functionality in PhotoLab as I understand it, and it seems not to be the case that all the Nik plugins have HiDPI support (only Efex).

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As someone who does not own a PhotoLab program, I understand that, during June, $99.99 will buy me the Nik Collection 2 and the Essential version of PhotoLab 2.3. If I want the Elite version, however, must I pay the full, or currently discounted price? Or, is a less expensive upgrade available from Essential to Elite?

(Platypus) #5

In my dxo shop account, I see a reduced fee that will upgrade DPL essential to elite.

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(Steven Schweizer) #6

Good points and I am a NIK and PhotoLab 2 Elite buyer/user. I am trying to find an alternative to Adobe subscription service that delivers quality at a reasonable price and I love Nik and the evolving Photolab 2 Elite software. The upgrade from NIK 1 to 2 was too expensive for what was delivered. I purchased Nik 2 for one basic reason: it’s important to support products you like. If not, they fail. That said, DXO needs to be aware of industry upgrade norms if they are to remain a player in the photo post-processing business. If DXO is responsive to customer comments about the NIK upgrade I’ve seen, they’ll give a credit to for those who purchased the upgrade on the next ‘real’ Nik upgrade.

(Friedhelm Benner) #7

Nik Filter Wozu? Unnötig wer mit Bildbearbeitung um gehen kann! Schon Google hatte die Filter vermurkst!
Anstatt die Geschwindigkeit von DXO Photo Lab zu erhöhen und nicht mit einen unnötigen Button die Kunden massiv zu verärgern!
DXO Photo Lab scheint sich nicht um Kunden Meinungen zu Kümmern!

Aber Support Anfragen als Spam einordnen, das können die Entwickler.

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(RobEW) #8

I’m rather disappointed too. I have DxO PhotoLab Elite (and Viewpoint) and think I might like NIK if it integrates nicely with PhotoLab. I see the NIK offer (£125 in the UK) includes free DXO Photolab but there is no option for existing Photolab customers to pay a reduced fee for NIK without PhotoLab. Feels like established customers get a raw deal, and I would have been better off not buying PhotoLab a year ago, but instead leaving it until the NIK + PhotoLab offer was around.