Weird pattern appears

Here’s my setup:

  • MBP
    – 13" Retina
    – 3ghz i7
    – 16gb ram 1600MHz DDR3
    – Intel Iris 1536mb
    – OS: Mojave, 10.14


  • 50mp original image
  • Brought into PS (most current version)

Nik collection
– Purchased / most current version
– 5.0.1 x64 (v1.2.18)


  1. bring image into PS
  2. Do all my edits in PS
  3. Select Tonal Contrast in Nik Collection

About 75% of the time I receive this weird line of single pixels in my image.
Sometimes it appears 1 time in the image, some times it’s appears multiple times in the image
Based on the weird pixels / my image color this line is very obvious and sometimes it’s almost invisible
I’m going to try and upload an example into this topic. Click on the image and you’ll see I’ve Zoomed into 200%.