Weak update

(Christian) #1

I am disappointed with the latest update. 60€ for little more than a couple of more presets and an application (PhotoLab) I neither need nor want? You don’t mean this seriously, do you? No larger control point handles. No halo protection. No improved preset organization. Too bad.

As far as I am concerned, let me say this: No new features => No new money.


It’s even worse. Same price when you own Photolab already! That is ridiculous.


I am wondering if DXO really does not know when offering upgrades, what the customer already owns.
When I click on upgrade for 59,99€ (sounds better than 60 :wink: its offering also PhotoLab 2 Essential for free. But please why? I do already own PL Elite 2 plus DXO Filmpack 5 Elite and DXP View Point 3.


Moi aussi, je ne comprend pas.
Si on a la version Elite de Photolab, pas besoin de la version essentielle
Et ceux qui ont la version Elite sont penalisés . 60€ juste pour la Nik collection.
Ceux qui n’ont pas DxO lab sont gagnants:
DxO photolab Essentiel + Nick Collection à 60 €
Merci pour les clients de longue date comme moi qui possède tous les logiciels DxO. On se fout de nous!

(Pascal) #5

How many new customers did Nik bring down to DxO ?
These people find this of interest.
No ?


Ok get your point from the view of somebody who only owns NC1 und does get PL2E now for free. But I do own. And I just thought maybe, DXO should deliver better suited deals to existing customers. But maybe I aspect to much :wink:

(Mark) #7

Yes. I believe the purpose behind this was a marketing plan to broaden the offerings and appeal to a larger audience, especially to those disaffected Adobe users looking for a non subscription alternative. Buy the Nik Collection and get PhotoLab Essential for free. That may actually be quite appealing for a large number of people new to DXO.


(Stephen Cupp) #8

Not me though. I have Photoshop so I don’t need the stand alone product. All I really care about is High DPI support which I thought was coming to V1, but I was wrong.

(Christian) #9

I don’t want to offend anyone who sees value in DxO’s software. But there is a reason why those who muse Adobe software aren’t DxO customers yet. And it’s probably that they don’t like DxO’s software and prefer Adobe’s. Luring them to use a software they don’t like and letting them pay for that buy disguising this offer as a Nik Collection update (which only is a fake.update as it hardly offers any new features beyond presets) isn’t exactly what I would call respectable customer policy. I am very disappointed and would really like to read a statement on this by a DxO representative.

(Mark) #10

I think you are missing the point which is to broaden the appeal of their offerings to a wider audience by including a free version of PhotoLab Essential. Even without it, THe Nik Collection 2 price is still very reasonable. Take the free version of Photolab out of the equation. Its not meant for folks like you, or even me since I’m already a PhotoLab 2 Elite owner.


(Christian) #11

I disagree. The point of an update is to extend the feature set and improve the software. And significantly so if it is a paid upgrade. I can’t see a significant in this update.

(Mark) #12

Supposedly the Nik Collection 2 now has better 4K support, So far, on my machine, performance is notably faster. I’ve also noted some interface modifications on a at least a couple of the apps. Whether most of these changes are significant improvements or not, other then the better performance I see, I can’t say yet.


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Welcome to the new DxO business model. Hurry up and upgrade for almost no new features at an introductory price that will soon be even cheaper, sucker! Fool me once…


And if you are a Fuji user there is little point in having Photo Labs as it can’t process Fuji RAF files

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(T Moreno) #15

Really? I’ve upgraded on my MBP 2018 15" to Nik Collection 2. Now when I use the photoshop plugins for it, I have to disable GPU computing or else it will freeze when using it and then applying the changes (freezes when saving back to PS).

Waste of my money if I have to disable options that I never had to in the 2018 version.

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(Alec Kinnear) #16

Really for users who own PhotoLab Elite Suite (with FilmPack 5+ ViewPoint 3) who recently bought into Nik plugins this upgrade should be free or at a nominal cost (say €20). We just paid for the (broken at the time) software. Finally it works with 4K monitors and we’re asked to pay almost in full for a second time.

As pcorot said “on se fout de nous”. In English this would be, they are mocking us or they are laughing at us or they treat us really poorly or they couldn’t give a damn about us. Yes, that French idiom has some nuance. Take your pick. In any case, this is not an endearing move.

I love to pay for software improvements – once. Not paying a second time to finally get some modest improvements.


Uncoy and all those who protest are right.

I have purchased all of DxO’s products and all upgrades in the last two years despite their low contribution (Nik Collection v2 included) because I wanted to support the company that was struggling and was in danger of disappearing.
But obviously DxO does not understand these support actions and must think that we are simply naive. It’s shocking!
Now no purchase of DxO product without significant improvement of the product!


Cannot agree more. This is DXOs statement on their support FAQ:
" If I own DxO PhotoLab 2 ESSENTIAL or ELITE Edition, do I get a discount on purchasing or upgrading to Nik Collection 2 by DxO?

We are sorry, we want to offer Nik Collection 2 by DxO to all customers for the same price, so we are unable to give extra discounts to users of DxO PhotoLab 2 or older versions. When purchasing Nik Collection 2 by DxO as a new buyer you will pay 149 USD / 125 GBP.

If you already own the previous version, Nik Collection 2018 by DxO, you do not have to pay the full price for Nik Collection 2 by DxO, you would only pay the upgrade price. The pricing for the upgrade to Nik Collection 2 by DxO is as follows: 79 USD / 69 GBP."

Really annoying!


Yes I would agree I bought it and am disappointed but the saying “fool me once” applies.
No more money from me especially given the lack of discount for current owners of Photolabs.
I would suggest that DxO start to look after their existing customers a little better.

(picman) #20

Same here, I own DxO Elite and Nik1. This “upgrade”, if you can call it that, should be free for me or nominal. No money of mine is going DxO’s way this time!