Watermark from filename or metadata?

Hi, looking at the instant watermarking. Is there an option to add the file name as a watermark, or perhaps obtain the watermark from the metadata?
For example:
Say I want to add copyright as a watermark, but the photos were shot by different photographers and the images have a copyright notice embedded inside the XMP metadata.

Currently it seems like the only option would be to manually create one separate watermark for each photographer, entering the the manually. That’s quite tedious, seems somewhat redundant (since the XMP metadata has that information embedded in the file anyway). It is also prone to mistakes, say I accidentally choose the wrong watermark during export. And for a series of different photographs from different photographers I cannot export them all together…

A much more elegant way would be an option to have PhotoLab automatically use text from an XMP field to create the watermark. Is that possible???

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That’s actually a very good suggestion :+1:

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This should also be incorporated in a comprehensine text tool, not just in watermark.

For an example of this feature, see Picture Window Pro 8.

PWP8 includes macros to extract file properties and exif data to build the text block, such as: camera model, f stop, shutter speed, focal length, ISO, description…

Refer to document “transformation”, page 222. I come to DxO P Picture Window Pro 8, and it handles text very comprehensively. Refer to text transformation, page 222.

Actually, I am not sure. If we wait for a tool as comprehensive as you suggest, we might wait forever. Not everyone is necessarily interested in using PhotoLab as a replacement for Photoshop or some other comprehensive image editor.
I am using it mostly as a powerful raw converter. Of course, it is possible to develop the raw images first using PhotoLab and then fine-polish the result elsewhere (including adding a watermark using XMP metadata). But since the new version now added a watermark feature it seems a no-brainer to add this ability to use metadata for the watermark too. As is, An option for adding a watermarks in batch is fairly useless to protect copyright, unless you are using it to develop only your own images.
I know others may be interested in having access to a much more complex type tool. But I am not sure if that is where PhotoLab should necessarily be headed.


That would be a good feature. I could send my customers a preview and the file name with the image number would be included as a watermark. That would make it easier to choose which picture is meant.