Watch points , Double Threshold and Multiple use of the Tone Curve

(Robin) #1
  1. User placable watch points in an image to show RGB values.Currently one can check this by hovering the white balance dropper but it is not possible to keep returning with precision to the same spot in an image.
  2. A double threshold mask that shows white/black threshold/point while moving the end points in the Tone Curve tool. Should be usable for individual color channels.Nikon Capture Nx2 had a good implementation of the same.
    3.The ability to use a global setting more than once especially the Tone Curve tool.

(Svetlana G.) #2

Hello @rdrozario,

Thank you for the suggestions. But if you want the users vote for them you’d better create a separate request per each.

Svetlana G.

(Melbourne, Australia) #3

Hi Robin,

Could you elaborate on this one, please … I’m not clear on what you mean.

John M


Hi Robin,

for point 2: I would also like to see the “double threshold” option realized in PhotoLab. But in Capture NX2, she has another great opportunity. You can select an area of the histogram which will cause the pixels from the selected range to blink within the image window. To select a range, simply drag the mouse over the histogram display.
Unfortunately, Capture NX2 is limited to Nikon users and is no longer supported. This means that we must somehow present it to the other participants in the forum so that we can get the necessary support.
For voting, the queries are better to be separated and each item goes with a separate discussion.
I’m glad to see other Capture NX2 users here. :slight_smile:

Koko :slight_smile:

(Robin) #5

Sorry for the late reply.
I would like the ability to use a tool twice in a workflow. Something like using two curves adjustment layers in Photoshop.At the moment I can only use this once.I guess I wish for a layered workflow,maybe too much to ask for right now.
I still use Capture NX2(more as an editor than converter) and I see tremendous potential for PL2. It has control points and is a much better RAW converter than NX2 for all my older NEF files but the integration of local selections does not extend to Global Tools.

(Robin) #6

Sorry for the late reply.
If not the Capture NX2 style threshold then perhaps an auto threshold like the one hidden in Photoshop Levels adjustment options.
I know it was never very fashionable but I can’t seem to give up NX2. A strange love affair as it is the only editing program that I have felt comfortable with - powerful enough but not too complicated.I use it more as an editor as I find it simpler to use than Photoshop and Affinity(perhaps just because I’ve used it longer).PL2 is now my default RAW converter as I now primarily use an M4/3 camera in addition to my older d700.

(Robin) #7

Thank you for the feedback.
I will split the requests up accordingly.


I think the same way.
Currently I’m also working with the combination (PhotoLab2 + Capture NX2) … for the same reasons :slight_smile:

(Christian) #9

I’d like to see that too, especially for tools like tone curve and for a (fixed and usable) color adjustment tool. This would e. g. allow a more automated workflow by combining multiple partial presets.

Or, if you work manually and got everything nearly perfect, you could put another small adjustment in a new tone curve without destroying the existing curve. The tone curve tool is so tiny that it is nearly impossible to get the same curve twice using a mouse or track pad.