Viveza will not apply on first use

Viveza 3, Windows - Photoshop - First use of contact points results in new layer but no change when apply. Workaround is to delete new layer, reopen Viveza; contact points from first effort are visable and effect is displayed,; re-apply and when return to PS, changes are displayed but not in a new layer.

I’ve been having the same issue. My workaround for now is to just do a Cntrl J in windows to create a new layer, then go up to the filter drop down menu and Viveza3 will be at the very top. I just hit it again and it applies my changes to the new layer I created. You can do this without creating a new layer also, but then if you only have one layer(background) you don’t have anything to go back to for comparisons. I am currently waiting to hear back from DxO about this.

I have not filed a ticket with DxO . Keep me posted if and when you receive a reply.