Viveza : full screen graphical user interface (as usual for graphical apps)

The full screen command is a hidden keyboard shortcut (‘F’).

There should be icons on the window title bar (top of the Viveza window) for minimizing, maximizing, and exiting the application window.

Double-clicking on the title bar should toggle between normal size and maximized.

I agree with your suggestions for the Viveza UI, Pierre - but, as I know you’re a PhotoLab user, I’m curious … Why would you need to use Viveza when you have PL Local Adjustments ?

John M

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Not OP but I use Viveza in Affinity Photo. I agree it seems redundant in Photolab.


Hi John-M

I don’t use Vivaza normally. I recently familiarized myself with it to prepare for a Nik Collection Workshop that I will conduct for a photo club. I cannot think of a reason to use it from Photolab

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In Photolab you work on a raw. In Viveza you can only work on tiffs.
All your edits are kept in Photolab, not in Viveza