User-defined lens profiles: community-sharable

There should be an option to bake in a lens profile using a DxO supplied test target.

  • user prints test target on high quality printer
  • user scans test target using a calibrated scanner. This step would be optional and would enable removing errors in the printing process (ink-printer-paper combination).
  • user takes several shots of the printed target using a DxO-supplied procedure
  • user sends all to a DxO app or cloud service for baking in a custom profile.

Profile would be usable for viewpoint, for vignette correction and for lens sharpness correction.

User-defined profiles would be sharable in DxO cloud library.

That is a very good idea.

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Naturally, I prefer the perfect profiles from DXO. Unfortunately, they are not always available. For example, at the moment I have the cult new star Pentax DFA 85mm F1.4 but it does not have a profile, to my great regret. I would be happy if I could profile it at least temporarily until a native DXO profile appears.

I also think that would be most useful.
Of course, I would prefer DxO profiles too, but a less reliable profile is probably better than no profile. Plus, it would also give some information (e.g., by looking at the number of downloads) about what missing official profiles DxO could add themselves, with the greatest numbers of interested users.

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