User assigned keyboard shortcuts

It would be helpful to be able to assign our own keyboard shortcuts to PL functionality rather than the ones defined by Dxo’s development staff. That would make processing faster and easier for users.

Very good idea … and very old request towards DxO.
I would support you but I have no vote left.


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FYI: If you’re on a Mac, you can create your own keyboard shortcuts for any application in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts. I have no idea if Windows offers a similar feature.

This is not on the native Windows OS.

This would be to start an application, not for functionality within the application, and that is what I was referring to. For example, I would like to be able to apply a preset with a keyboard shortcut instead of having to search through the pallet looking for it.

Not to apply to every image (so I could not use it when the images are loaded), but select images as I process.

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On a Mac, it’s for functionality within the app. Any menu item can be assigned a keyboard shortcut, even items that come with default shortcuts (the new shortcut overrides the default shortcut). It won’t work for assigning a preset unless that preset appears somewhere in one of the menus or a submenu.

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So you are saying that if there already is a keyboard shortcut, then that shortcut can be over-ridden? I did not know that, and I will check to see how that works.

However I do not think that many of the PL functions are tied to keyboard shortcuts or, if they are, I am not aware of that. In particular the stuff I need to use in PL when processing do not have keyboard shortcuts that I am aware of. I know I can rank an image by using the numeric keys, but I do not see how to apply presets or, for that matter, how to activate or adjust any of the normal adjustments like ClearView, HSL, exposure and so on.

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For windows the shortcuts are not very comfortable.
Strg+1 (2,3,4,5) for rating is complicated, i prefer to hit only the number. Also p for pick and x to reject an picture makes no sense.
I use with my right hand the mouse and have the left hand on the left side of my keyboard. It´s nearly impossible to hit p and x blindfolded. If I could edit them to A and D it would be very helpful.

Thank you

Have to disagree about p and x to pick and reject a picture make a lot of sense to me (particularly x is international). X means cross out.

It’s not advisable to convert the main number row at the top of the keyboard to single touch shortcuts as that means times where you should enter numbers will occasionally - if you have application focus wrong - start to cause a lot of issues

On the positive side, if you have a numeric keyboard you can set ratings on to the numeric keys (which can have a different value for the OS) which avoids conflicts (as long as you don’t use the numeric part of the keyboard the rest of the time). I do this with FastRAWViewer for rating (otherwise on option-#. Like you I find the modifier slows me down when rating). It’s still a problem when on my MBP though.


Please merge with Better keyboard shortcuts through the application consistent between Mac/Win and bonus for a shortcut editor @sgospodarenko so we get a better view on the count for all these related requests.

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