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No, not you, Mike. I must have hit the wrong “respond” spot…my comment was more generally aimed at those suggesting we should be happy to pay over $100 for some software then start paying what seems to be an exorbitant update price by rationalizing as a monthly maintenance fee. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

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Well, I thought that the price for upgrading to PL2 given the lack of useful added features was excessive. Nevertheless, I reluctantly decided to upgrade to support DxO further develop the software. Today I hear the upgrade is now being sold at a 50% discount rather than the 20% I purchased it for as an early adopter just three weeks ago.

I was not entirely happy with the price I paid then but now definitely feel I have been well and truly shafted. Well done DxO! You need to get your pricing policy sorted out as this does seriously piss your existing customers off.


Sometimes software companies will give a price-match guarantee for 30 days after purchase so you might want to check with customer support to see if they will refund the difference. I do not know if they will or not but it might be worth checking.

If they do not offer a price-match they might offer a refund, and you could then get your money back. I think it might be worth checking.

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  • Well, it’s actually a ‘Black Friday’ event which is a case for a lot of shops/sellers in different counties, the time when you have good discounts.

Svetlana G.

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Well now I am even more confused.

Original email as per the first post in this thread – I noted that upgrade was $49.99 but the link showed $69.99. That was because I had Elite. Email said upgrade “starting at $49.99.” Ok, whatever …

Now along comes the Black Friday special and the Online Store has $89.99 crossed out with a Black Friday 50% off special of $44.99.

So where did $89.99 come from? That’s the number I get when I log into the store. Why wouldn’t the 50% discount apply to the $69.99?

I like PL and have really moved into it nicely. I’ve pretty much hit its edges of capability, and am looking for other tools to extend those edges. I don’t want to drop PL for another tool and learn everything all over again. I also don’t want to quibble over matters such as this, but the whole upgrade pricing scheme for PL2 has been really confusing.


> So where did $89.99 come from?

The $69.99 cost was a special for early adapters of the upgrade. The regular upgrade price was $89.99 and that is what the 50% discount was based on.

If you checked carefully last week you would have seen that the special upgrade price was supposed to be something like a 20% discount off of the regular price, and the Black Friday price is supposed to be a 50% discount off of the regular price. Dxo is using the most advantageous figures in their discount advertising, like everyone else.

Personally I was going to skip this upgrade because I saw nothing worth paying $90 for, or even the discounted $70 for, but I may upgrade now because I expect that the developers will actually fix an issue I filed as a bug 5 years ago.

(jwc) #48

“If you checked carefully …”

Yes I suppose that is the key phrase here. Personally I was going to skip this round too, but got worried that a future PL might actually cost more to upgrade, and the Black Friday offer kind of roped me in. So, to summarise –

  1. PL 2 was issued, $49/$69 to upgrade Essential/Elite, special offer for early actors
  2. Special offer expires, $69/$89
  3. Black Friday comes along, $35/$45

Yep, that’s clear to me!

(Peter) #49

most black fridays offers are if you watch price for a month are turned upwards before they give you “discount”. so you end up with almost the same price as “normal lowest price”
So at least it’s a honest discount… :yum:


:grin: :grin:


Now that Black Friday offer of 45 $ is much more reasonable. I’m actually considering upgrading to PL 2 despite the lack of new features. I’m definitely willing to support DxO but the initial offer was just too much for too little.


Yes. I agree and expect to upgrade. I was not planning to do so since there was not any real new functionality that affected me but at this price I will probably do so.

(Greg) #54

Same here! Was set on not upgrading from PhotoLab 1.2, but for this price I’ll do so and wait for improvements to trickle in through updates. (Fear of missing out? :wink:) I’m also buying FilmPack 5 Elite.

A bit of feedback for DxO: I think you could be doing a lot more to promote the benefits of FilmPack 5 Elite (and other Elite products) over the Essentials edition! I’ve had a free license for Essentials, which has prevented me from trying out Elite with PhotoLab. Your edition comparison charts don’t say much. To really see what I gain by upgrading, I had to track down a couple of very long, drawn-out demo videos on YouTube that are clearly promotional but aren’t linked to in your store, as far as I can tell.

(Ivan) #55

Filmpack 5 ESSENTIAL and ELITE comparison:

(Greg) #56

sigh… As I said, “Your edition comparison charts don’t say much.” They give the different numbers of components, but no description of them or how they would be used. It’s important to see these things from the point-of-view of customers who are learning photography.


I have never used, or even downloaded the trial for, the FilmPack releases and have always assumed they just try to duplicate the look of older film cameras. If that is what they do, then I have no interest in them as I do not try to do art or imitate old film photos. If it does something else then I guess I have missed out.

As a general comment I do believe that Dxo really does not advertise enough to the general public. I get the feeling that they are more interested in the targeted audience of camera pros and do not much care about the general group of photo enthusiasts who are interested in doing the best they can with the cameras they have, but have no interest in publishing. Perhaps I am wrong about that, but it has always seemed that way to me.

(Greg) #58

Thanks, Mike - that supports my point quite well. FilmPack is targeted toward those who want to emulate analog film media, but in fact contributes a sizeable set of creative tools like vignetting, blurring, split toning, grain, textures, fine-tuning of contrast and microcontrast, filters, etc. that can be used any way one desires. In my opinion, these tools complete and enhance some of PhotoLab’s core offerings like Clearview, Smart Lighting, selective tone adjustments, etc. which are nice but can be very hard to tame on their own. In fact, Clearview/Clearview Plus and Smart Lighting don’t play well together at all, opening the door wide to other tools that can fine tune what each of these does.

(Franz Scherz) #59

I updated yesterday, there was a 50% black Friday discount which brought the update price into reasonable dimension.

(Mark) #60

There are a number of tools available in FilmPack 5. My favorite is the Micro Contrast slider which is one of my most used tools, and I have all the DXO software offerings. There are lots of other tools in the FilmPack Elite, not specifically related to film emulations, but Micro Contrast is the one I would not want to give up…ever!!! IMHO the Elite version is well worth the extra cost.


I agree with Rob. This is a slap in the face to those of us who paid for the early upgrade for few additional features. That’s the last dollar DXO will get from me.

(Mark) #62

I understand that, but it is insulting to those of us early adopters of PL 2.0 who purchased the upgrade to show our ongoing support during your difficult financial period despite the sparseness of new functionality in that release.

Others here who purposely did not upgrade sooner because they saw no value in paying the upgrade price for so little return are now being rewarded for their hesitance with a 1/2 price sale which comes to $24 USD less than I spent on the very first day the upgrade was available. Those of us who supported you by purchasing the upgrade at it’s normal upgrade price while knowing there was a lack of new functionality, are left feeling like idiots.

I’ve learned a valuable lesson seeing how you are treating those who were willing to support you in spite of a potential bankruptcy. While I continue to love Photolab and will not abandon your brand, I also will not have my generosity taken advantage of again, and will only buy future upgrades at the lowest discounted price during Black Friday sales. As a result, there will be less money out of my pocket, and unfortunately, as a result, less money in your pocket.