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Not impressed with the over sharpening with Olympus raw files using pure raw, I’m considering upgrading to PL4 as I love the noise reduction, however the DXO shop will not let me upgrade. I sign in and click on upgrade and nothing happens, any ideas?


Going from PureRAW to PhotoLab is not an upgrade, it might be a sidegrade, something that DxO does not offer at the moment.

Test PhotoLab before you buy it. Here, you’ll find the free trial. Also note that the trial provides the “Elite” edition of PhotoLab, which also comes in an “Essential” edition that costs less and has less features. Differences have been listed on DxO’s shop page, but I cannot find the list right now.

Took me a bit of searching, but it is on the Buy page for the Essential Edition.

Thank you, @zkarj. I find this info is meandering around on DxO’s webpage and I also find that, for the sake of transparency, This page (and others) should be easier to find.


I would hold off purchasing until PhotoLab 5 is released towards the end of October.


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“sidegrade” lol I like that … lol :joy:
I remember when I saw the advertisement for the raw program and I kind of freaked out and wasn’t able to figure out if it was worth buying it was driving me crazy… I was so grateful and relieved to learn that it didn’t do anything that photo lab 4 doesn’t do… Because I just bought a couple weeks after photo raw came out

Hi William,

Yes, the target market for PureRAW are users of other image editing software (not PL).

For example, reviews (such as this one) often mention that LR has inferior RAW processing capability compared with PL, but many users have experience and familiarity with LR.
So, using PureRAW enables the “best of both worlds” for them.

Regards, John M

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Hi John … Would it be worth it for me to export my photo after PL4 to LR as a Tiff for messing around with LR presets ? Forgive my ignorance…I get so overwhelmed with the intricacies… I have seen advertisement for LR presets you can download and posit they have stock presets as well … some of them look really awesome…

That depends, William; If you have extensive experience with LR, and a preference to use it for some particular reason - then, yes, you could follow that path.

Otherwise, you’d be better off sticking with PL for the entire end-to-end process - as PL can achieve pretty much anything LR can do (both have their specific niche advantages - eg. PL’s noise reduction technology, for one) … It’s just a different method of doing so, in some cases.

Summary. If you’re starting out without LR experience then go straight to PL instead (is my recommendation).

Regards, John M

PS. PhotoLab has presets too … You can also build your own, and share with others; See here

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My two cents: One way to find out, is to just try and see what you get from the combination. You might find a few things that you like - and some that you don’t. No need to limit yourself to doing reasonable adjustments only. Play around and learn.


Great advice @platypus … I definitely will …thank you !

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