Update policy - how many versions back?

Can I update from version PL 3 to PL6 (once released) at a reduced price?
Or does DXO have a “two back versions only” policy?

I don’t know for sure how DxO price PL updates for existing users but I believe it is only two versions back.

I do know from experience that is how DxO have priced Nik upgrades.

When the new release is available:

Log into your shop account and check the software page. It will give you the necessary info. Use the trial period to see if you like the new release before buying and keep the installer of your previously used DPL version.

Note that we are also approaching a period of welcome discounts (black friday, x-mas etc.).


Yes, for PL5 the upgrade pricing only applies to upgrades from PL3 or PL4. See here:

As a loyal customer of DxO PhotoLab, is there a special upgrade price available to the newest DxO PhotoLab? – Help center

So you probably won’t get PL6 at the reduced upgrade price. But in recent years DxO has offered good sales on new products and even better sales during the Black Friday period.


Thanks for the information.