Update Blocked

If i am correct is microsoft popping up a warning when the executable has no certificate given by themselfs…
Which of caorse you need to pay for…
Firewals are layered in modern internet.

  • in the router
  • a main like defender or f-secure
  • a browser extension.
    The first eventslist is only visible in the routers controlmenu. The others are announcing that they blocked something so you can run a check or proceed anyway.

Windows is known of building “are you sure? I advise not to…” Messages for every application of a service they rather supply them selfs. Just “free choice” enough to be cleared from accusing blocking competition.

Yes, Microsoft does block downloads when executables don’t have a certificate, but you can be sure DxO has a certificate! And blocking of brand new programs via a ‘reputation’ filter isn’t confined to Microsoft.