Unsupported file error when opening Topaz TIF files in DXO apps

I’m using Topaz Sharpen on Nikon raw NEF files and when I try to open the file in DXO PL3 I get the error: “This image cannot be processed because of an unknown error. It may be corrupted or in an unsupported format.” I have tried using Topaz as either a stand-alone app or as a plug-in from Capture NX, and have tried several ways to save the file too, no compression, different color profiles, bit-depth, etc., but I still get the error in DXO PL3. When exporting the NEF file as TIF from Nikon’s Capture NX-D, DXO-PL3 does open the TIF file. All of my other programs open the Topaz TIF files just fine, including the NIK 2.x suite but also not in DXO ViewPoint, or DXO FilmPack 5. Does DXO have some issue with Topaz?

2013 Apple MacPro 64Gb Ram / D500 graphics
OSX Mohave 10.14.6
Latest versions of all apps (Topaz, Capture NX -D, & DXO PL3, and others successfully tested with the TIF files.)

Does Topaz stay open after it writes a TIFF file? Or does it shut down (crash)?

Topaz writes out the TIF file without crashing, and it is readable in other programs. These are Nikon D850 files sharpened in Topaz. I’m not using the plug-in from DXO and trying to return back to DXO for further processing.

My workflow is to open the NEF file in Capture NX-D to preserve the in-camera settings and to do some minor sharpening in Topaz, saving the sharpened image from Topaz as a TIF file to then use DXO for post-processing.


Anybody else having problems opening Topaz TIFs with DXO apps?

The only Topaz app that I have is their JPEG => RAW app. I have no problems opening the TIFFs that it produces in DXO Photolab 3.

I’ve just created a TIF in Topaz Denoise AI using its default export options (16bit, lzw, original color profile). The original file used was a Lumix G9 raw file. Photolab opened the TIF file without any problem.