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Color Efex Pro (part of the Nik Collection) has a filter called Pro Contrast, which includes a setting to Correct Colour Cast … I have had success using this.

Its White Neutraliser filter is also useful (eg. for wedding dresses).

John M



You the man! I did not realize that I have this great tool for removing color casts at my disposal in Color Efex Pro! I have done some limited testing and the results are indeed very good.



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(Peter) #67

Pro Contrast is also helpfull in landscape detailing.
it brings out a nice contrast which is a smart look of clearview.


Hi ColinG,

why not trying it this way…


I do like that approach. What I liked about the subject matter in the first place was the pastal type colours of the flowers around the door. That said, this works for me also. Well done :slight_smile:

Doing most of my shooting at the moment with a Fuji X camera so PL does not appear in my workflow so much at present.

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Thanks Pascal for taking the time to show newbies like myself tips and tricks its appreciated .:+1:

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I wrote three tutorials dedicated to the use of DxO PhotoLab.

As a DxO user, I give you my tips and tricks which might make you more efficient.

1- Discovering DxO PhotoLab
A quick overview for users used others development software

2- Local Adjustments with DxO PhotoLab
A user guide to Enhance the visibility of your photos

3- Efficiency with DxO PhotoLab - The means to get quickly to better results
Intended for experienced users, it explains the functioning and gives some recipes for more efficiency.

I hope you will enjoy these tutorials.

[Edit june '19]
New skin and more informations.
Site updated for DPL2.3 release.
See the page “Efficiency with DxO PhotoLab”.



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Merci Pascal!:boom:

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Vielen Dank!

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(Peter) #76

no DxOPL thing but when you upgrade your Win 10 OS to Win10 1903 then Raw Image Extension by appstore is available to use which gives you the image thubnails back again for a lot of camera’s…:grin:

Proof G80 rw2’s

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(Lothar Schaberg) #77

Thank you very much for your work and time. Because there is a lack of (printed) books about DxO PL2, these informations are incredibly useful!


(Jim) #78

Lothar, There is a manual:


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(Lothar Schaberg) #79

Hi Jim,

thank you for the hint, but I already knew this. What I meant is a “normal” book, like the lots of printed books available for the Adobe products or Affinity Photo etc.


(Jim) #80

Aha! You meant hard copy! To my knowledge, there are no books published about PhotoLab. However, there are a few about NIK. And, there are a few free pdf downloads (about NIK).

(Marc) #81

Hi Jim,
Do you mind sharing the links ?

(Jim) #82


Try searching “nik software manual”; I get a few hits on Naturescape.

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Thanks Jim.

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This set of YouTube videos, by Anthony Morganti, go back to pre-DxO days - but they provide excellent coverage of each of the Nik Collection tools.

Regards, John M

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Hi John, welcom back, how was Europe? Shot a suitage full of film? :grinning:

Thanks for the link i didn’t know this guy, when i have the time i will watch some of those about Nik.
Nik is still a “box” out side my regular workflow but the features are to wide and good to ignore them.
Watching those clips is bringing idea’s in for your own processing.

(Melbourne, Australia) #86

Thx, Peter - - Yes, we had a great time in both UK (Sth-West) and France (down the middle) … and, yes, I did capture quite a few images (fortunately for me, I have very patient wife/partner).