Trouble with corrupted images

Hi, I am having problems with corrupted images. When I make an adjustments in HDR Efex Pro Plug-in and then click the OK button to send it back into Photoshop the image appears corrupted with several squares appearing in the image. I have tried everything to sort it out. DXO can’t sort it either. I have the latest Mac Catalina version 10.15.14 and Photoshop plus the Nic collection as a plug-in. I use an iMac and an Mac Book Pro and have them same problem on both. I also have a couple of friends that have the same issue.

Is any one else having the same problem and can any one help.

Kind Regards
M White

Welcome Maggie

When you say your friends have the same problem - is that when using your photos or is it when they use their own photos?
Which versions of Photoshop and HDR Efex are you using?

When using their own photos.

I am using Photoshop Latest version 21.1.1.Subscription.
EfexPro Latested Version Part of Nik Collection 2 by DxO


Here is a copy of a corrupted image

I’m having the same problem as of about 1 month ago
Sample attached

As you can see I have been having the same problem for sometime and I know several others who have the problem too. I have contacted Dxo who have been less than helpful. They have suggested a number of things but nothing has worked including uninstalling and then reinstalling. They said they haven’t come across this issue before! I have also installed the old 2018 version to see if that works but unfortunately it still have the same problem.

I would be interested to know what system you use. I use the Mac Catalena on a Macbook Pro and an iMac. Both less than a year old. The problem appears on both. Have you contacted Dxo support if so I would be interested to know what they say now that the problem has been reported by someone else. If not perhaps you could email them too.

Kind Regards
M White

Actually I joined the forum when I saw there was no further response from your posting, so thought I would add that “others” are having this issue too.
I am using on iMac with Mojave, latest PS, single exposure tone mapping.
Like you, I’ve tried multiple things to see if I could make the problem disappear.
One interesting thing is that it occurs on RAW images, doesn’t matter if they are Canon CR3 or Pana RW2. Also on JPEGS via photoshop (not that I would usually use HDR on JPG, but just to check), but NOT on jpegs from say a screenshot.