Transform panel


Vertical, horizontal, rotation etc.
Is there such a panel in PL2 or is this action reserved for View Point?
I am using the PL2 trial.

(Pascal) #2

DPL can do that with three tools:

  • Horizon
  • Crop
  • ViewPoint
    ViewPoint is included in the trial.

Have fun


I found ViewPoint.
Just wondering why the separate panel called Volume Deformation is greyed out, not active.

(Pascal) #4

I think you must to read the tutorial I especially conceived for Lr users.



Thank you for that useful resource.
This link to the PL2 user guide seems to be broken.

(Pascal) #6




(Sigi) #8

This is weird - all links work fine on my side. No problems at all with Firefox

Update: I have tried it now with Safari and I also get a “Safari can’t open the page” message.
So it seems it is a problem of Safari and not of the link


I got there with Opera and Chrome. But you have to got past the connection not secure warning.

(Pascal) #10

Try HTTP without S