TImeZone or Not in xmp?

Could the specialists of xmp and their standard tell me if the notion of timezone should appear in “exif:DateTimeOriginal”

with an app i get this

with Photolab i have this

This may seem insignificant but it causes a problem in the classification by date in PhotoLab.
And I have the impression that it is Photolab that does not respect the nomenclature because I tested with 2 other software and the xmp generated do not include the notion of timezone.

Exif tags didn’t include the concept of time zone until 2016: Determine Time Zone automatically?. It may be that your app hasn’t taken this change into account. Please note that XMP does indeed include the concept of time zone. In this case, PhotoLab seems to have gotten it right. For future compatibility/use with various programs, I’d strongly recommend using TZ.

(However, at least in the Windows version, PL output files (e.g., JPG) leave out the TZ portion in {File.MD.XMP::photoshop\DateCreated\DateCreated\0} but not in {File.MD.XMP::xmp\CreateDate\CreateDate\0}. This is a bug I’ve reported starting with PL5.)

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Thank you for reply.
I’ll try to contact the support of my other software !
Best regards