Tilt Stand not available in the DXO Store?

Is it not possible to purchase the Tilt Stand separateley? It does’nt seem to be available in the DXO store. It was not included in the camera kit at the the time I purchased the camera.


You’re right, tilt stand is not available in DxO store. It is a free accessory shipped with the DxO ONE itself. However you can get a Stand adapter: http://store.dxo.com/stands-pods/stand.html, more sophisticated that the simple tilt stand because it allows to fix the camera on tripods and monopods.

The link mentioned above doesn’t exist anymore: (ERROR CODE : 404)
Which is really a pity.
I dearly love the concept of the DXO One, but due to the lack of inertia (weight), it is not easy to get sharp images without a makeshift support.
If there exist a decent solution, I will happily consider it.
Thank you,