The Future of Software Updates?

(KD) #1

This is a question to the DxO team, as DxO has returned it’s focus back to the core business of optics modeling and software etc., are there any plans to still provide some software support enhancements regarding the DxO one camera? For instance if the iOS operating system updates makes the DxO app incompatible will it be updated? Will any further features be introduced? I for one would be willing to pay for enhancements for instance?

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This seems to be a pretty dead forum?

(Marc) #3

Hi @KevDoc the forum is not dead but this product is and nobody (except DxO) has the answers you are seeking. Enjoy your device has long has it is working :sunglasses:

(KD) #4

Haha, the DxO one is not extinct yet, but with no more reproduction it’s only a matter of time before it is! In fact because of this and the fact I’m so impressed with this device I’m going to purchase a second unit before they do finally sell out of all inventory. Maybe I should buy another two?

My comment about this forum being dead is more of an overall observation, I’m just not seeing much interaction between users sharing knowledge / experiences having questions answered? Were sales really that low that there’s just not that many active users out there?

(Mark) #5

I don’t know the user base size of DXO’s various offerings, but, DXO One could not have been terribly popular or profitable, otherwise they would not have ended production. Their software offerings also have fairly limited distribution compared to some of their competition. Take PhotoLab, for example. While it is up there in quality with the best, some functional limitations make it more of a niche tool for many people. With regard to this forum, In the year-and-a-half since I have been a PhotoLab owner they moved from a much less robust forum design to this one. Posts in the old foum seemed very few and far between. This forum is much more active than the previous one. I’m seeing a definite growth in participation over the last year.

The very popular Nik Collection is now owned by DXO. DXO’s Version 1 of this product was not much more than a recompile and bug fix version of this previously unsupported software. Most owners of the previous Google version were not impressed enough to purchase it from DXO. When they release Version 2, hopefully in the next few months, I suspect a large number of the many thousands of Google Nik Collection users will consider upgrading to DXO’s version if there are some significant upgrades. To really make their mark DXO may need an infusion of cash to allow them to grow their development team. Hopefully the Nik Collection will be their magic bullet.

On the positive side they get a lot of good press. Every time there is a review of post-processing software, PhotoLab is always included and is usually given very high marks. Photolab is usually ranked with Lightroom/ACR and Capture One Pro as the three best raw processors available.

Those of us who post here tend to be very passionate about DXO products. I hope, as DXO’s fortunes improve after their unfortunate bankruptcy last year, that we will see much more activity on this forum.


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